DHS A4002 Review

The DHS A4002 is a Shakehand-style paddle designed for beginner players. The inexpensive price tag along with the decent quality of materials used to build the paddle makes it one of the best-value table tennis rackets on the market.


  • ITTF approved rubbers: DHS Hurricane 2 and DHS G888
  • The DHS 4-Star blade – A 7-ply wood blade
  • Price: $


This is one of the best selling rackets on Amazon. It’s very reasonably priced (probably one of the cheapest ITTF approved paddles) and so is a good entry level/intermediate bat to try your hand with some higher ratings.

ITTF Approved Rubbers

The rubbers used on the A4002 are the DHS Hurricane 2 and the DHS G888 on the other side. These two rubbers a very popular on their own and are quite hard allowing you to get good spin with maybe a little loss of control.

7-Ply Pure Wood

It sports a 7-ply pure wood for increased speed and strength, while the paddle itself weighs 200 grams. 200 grams is relatively heavy when compared to other paddles in the same skill level, but should aid in the increased power and smashing capabilities.

When you’re a beginner though you generally want to look for a bat with high control ratings rather than speed. To read about how to choose the perfect paddle, check out our racket buying guide here.


  • Price (it’s very cheap)
  • Sticky rubber for increased grip and spin


  • Heavy for a beginner paddle at 200g
  • Accumulates dust quickly
  • Has a fish smell from the fish glue used to apply the rubber and may require some cleaning after use until the smell dissipates.


To sum up the DHS A4002 we think it’s a contender for a beginner looking for something with a bit more power than their first racket. It’s very reasonably priced and so you’re not going to break the bank here but it’s still of a decent quality. While the paddle is a little heavy, it has good control and an effective spin, everything a new player practicing to become better should have. While the fishy smell is a little annoying, it means that the paddle was recently made and has not been sitting in a warehouse for the last 5 years.