STIGA Evolution Review

The STIGA Evolution is an excellent shake-handle style racket that could be a good choice for advanced beginners looking to step up the speed and spin. It’s incredibly popular too have gathered almost 1000 five star reviews on

In this post, we’re going to share some of the reasons that we love it and why it’s nearly got 1000 five star reviews on amazon in our STIGA Evolution review.


  • Performance ratings – Speed – 96, Spin – 94, Control – 90
  • Blade – 6-ply all wood
  • Rubber – STIGA Premium rubbers
  • Sponge – 2.0mm sponge on both sides
  • Weight – 170g
  • ITTF Approved? – Yes, can be used in official tournaments
  • Price – $$ (Check the current price)
  • Our rating – 9.3/10


The STIGA Evolution is made with more advanced beginners and intermediate players in mind being built as a well rounded paddle that is balanced. It features a 6-ply all wood blade that is pretty lightweight while still being able to give you power when you need it.

It features a 2mm thick sponge on both sides that felt just right and allowed the ball to ping off the face of the paddle but not too much that it felt unwieldy which is reflected in the control rating of 90. When you’re a beginner you want to choose a paddle with a high control rating so this could be an option for an advanced beginner or intermediate player who still wants to retain some control.

The STIGA Evolution uses STIGA’s Premium rubber which is approved by the ITTF and felt quite soft, especially compared to its counterpart the STIGA Pro Carbon. These rubbers use advanced crystal technology which means that the bonds between the fibers of the rubber are a lot stronger than regular rubber which has the affect of giving you more control over the ball. This was definitely the case and we found it pretty easy to place the ball where we wanted on the table.

The handle of the STIGA Evolution is a flared grip concave pro and it uses some more STIGA technology which is the shock dispersion tube. What this means is that the handle is hollowed out and again this has the affect of giving you more control as it spreads out the shockwaves that are causes when striking the ball.

What we liked

We’re big fans of the STIGA series of paddles and the Evolution doesn’t disappoint. It’s got a great look and we enjoyed the feel of the paddle especially the control. It was like we couldn’t really put a ball wrong and it was very easy to place it on the table surface exactly where we wanted.

It’s a good defensive paddle that should suit players not looking for lots of speed. The 6 ply wood blade how ever did get some power on the ball but not loads.

As you’d expect from a paddle in this price range, the STIGA Evolution is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation which means you can use it in official tournaments. A good sign of a quality paddle.

What could be better

Personally for us it was a little slower than we’d have liked and definitely not a 96 as advertised and we’d probably say it was more of a 75. But, we’re quite offensive players and so like a paddle with more power. In our opinion, the STIGA Evolution was a bit more of a defensive paddle and felt quite balanced. This would be ideal for a newer player who’s got to grips with the basics but wants to start being able to put more spin on the ball.

One tiny thing that we noticed in the handle was that the edges were a little uncomfortable over long periods of holding the table tennis racket. We would have liked that STIGA handed sanded down the edges slightly more.

About the brand: STIGA Sports

STIGA have been producing not only high quality and popular paddles but all sorts of ping pong equipment since 1944. They’re from Sweden where table tennis is huge but now they sell products into over 100 countries in every continent! They’re probably one of the top table tennis brands in the US for consumer products and as you’ll see from their reviews they have a high attention to detail.


Having tried out literally dozens of table tennis rackets over the years we really liked playing with the STIGA Evolution. It’s pretty well balanced paddle that we think would be ideal for an advanced beginner or intermediate player looking to start working on their spin and speed but without losing all of their control.

We’re big fans of STIGA’s paddles and think they’re ideal options for serious players looking to up their game without spending hundreds of dollars on their paddle.

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