The Best Ping Pong Paddle: Reviews And Buying Guide

Looking for the best ping pong paddle for 2023? We’ve put together our buying guide for beginners and intermediate players looking to up their game with the best table tennis racket for your needs. If you’re in a rush and want to know which bats we recommend, check out the list below. After that, we’ll …

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Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review

Tibhar Evolution MX-P Review: A Wildly Popular Rubber

Tibhar Evolution is a wildly popular rubber series that is often compared with the Tenergy line produced by Butterfly. They both occupy the same rubber niche, therefore Evolution is largely considered Tibhar’s Tenergy equivalent. Where Tenergy 05 (TO5) shines in the Tenergy series, Tibhar Evolution MX-P is the standout for Evolution. Its characteristics are similar …

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Butterfly Dignics 05

Butterfly Dignics 05 Review

Dignics is Butterfly’s latest ping pong rubber series catered to the modern-day attacker. Previously, Tenergy 05 (T05) had comfortably ruled as their most popular rubber; but, Dignics 05 might knock T05 off its pedestal! Specifications Speed: 8.9 Spin: 9.4 Control: 8.7 Hardness: Medium-hard ITTF Approved? Yes Thickness (mm): 1.9, 2.1 Price: $$$$ Our rating :  9.1 Construction …

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Rasanter R42 rubber

Andro Rasanter R42 Review

Rasanter is one of the most popular rubber series that Andro has put out. Its predecessor, Andro Rasant, was similarly very well-received by the table tennis community. However, it was unexpectedly discontinued and replaced by Rasanter – a surprise given its popularity. Usually, manufacturers will continue to produce popular old lines alongside their new products. …

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