Butterfly Tenergy 64 Review

If you want a sticky rubber that will help you control your powerful shots, then the Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the rubber you need to buy. The Butterfly Tenergy 64 rubber is fast, like super-fast. So fast in fact that it’s considered to be the fastest of the Tenergy family, which is what this family of rubber is renowned for.

This fast-attacking rubber will have you hitting any and every ball in your vicinity. Let’s check out all of the other benefits of this Butterfly Tenergy 64 Review to make sure that this rubber meets all of your other specifications.


  • Fastest Attacking Rubber of the Tenergy Family
  • Comes in Thicknesses of 1.9 and 2.1
  • Features Butterfly High Tension Technology
  • Spring Sponge Technology
  • 9.3 Speed
  • 8.7 spin, which allows for high ball rotation
  • 8.4 control, which makes it harder for the user to control the ball

Do you want to know what the “64” in Butterfly Tenergy 64 stands for? It is actually the development code for the pimples used to make this unique reversed rubber. With the specialized High Tension technology, you are promised a fast, dynamic rubber that utilizes the innovative and revolutionary Spring Sponge.

This one-of-a-kind Spring Sponge allows the player to carefully grip the ball with the rubber as well as catapult it with a return back that features both a high speed and high spin. This is the rubber of your choice for that electrifying, competitive game.


  • Takes practice to learn how to control
  • Expensive


Whatever style is yours, know that the Butterfly Tenergy 64 rubber can adapt to any situation, to any player, to any style. That’s why the pro’s use it, that’s why you should use it.

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