Butterfly Tenergy 64 Review

If you want a grippy rubber that will help you control your powerful shots, then Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the rubber you need to buy. Butterfly Tenergy 64 is fast, like super-fast. So fast in fact that it’s considered to be the quickest of the Tenergy family which is one of the reasons the series is so well known.

Let’s review Tenergy 64’s specifications to see if it meets your needs.

Tenergy 64



  • Speed – 9.3
  • Spin – 8.8
  • Control – 8.8
  • Hardness – Medium
  • ITTF Approved? – Yes
  • Thickness – 1.7, 1.9, 2.1
  • Price – $$$$
  • Our Rating 9.3

Do you want to know what the “64” in Butterfly Tenergy 64 stands for? It is actually the development code for the pimples used to make this unique reversed rubber. With the specialized High Tension technology, you are promised a fast, dynamic rubber that utilizes the innovative and revolutionary Spring Sponge.

This one-of-a-kind Spring Sponge allows the player to carefully grip the ball with the rubber and catapult it back with formidable speed and spin. Making it an excellent choice for the electrifying, attacking style.

I feel that it is most suitable for the versatile attacker. This is because it is fantastic both for looping and smashing. Mixing up these two strokes helps to upset the rhythm of your opponent and makes you trickier to play against. I also felt very comfortable smashing through backspin with it even when the ball was fairly low over the net. Thus making my game even more deadly.

Tenergy 64 spring sponge



  • Takes practice to learn how to control
  • Expensive
  • Sensitive to incoming spin

What is the Main Difference Between Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 64?

Butterfly Tenergy 05 is one of the most popular rubbers of all time. And for good reason. It is an elite rubber for the looping style with few drawbacks besides the cost. While Butterfly Tenergy 64 hasn’t received quite the same praise, it is still considered to be a close rival to Tenergy 05.

Notable differences begin with the spin and speed. Tenergy 64 is a little faster than Tenergy 05, but it is also noticeably less spinny. This can be an issue for players that demand high levels of spin. It also has a much lower throw angle which should feel more comfortable for most players. Tenergy 05 is well known for having a high throw angle, but it is not for everyone. 

The video below was made by a YouTube channel named Quadcober Sports. He provides a clear Tenergy breakdown that you might find useful.

For our full review of Tenergy 05 click here

Is Tenergy 64 Good for Backhand? 

Butterfly Tenergy 64 is a great backhand rubber — that is, provided it suits your style. Lots of players tend to favor slightly slower rubbers for their backhand so Tenergy 64 somewhat breaks this trend. But if you like to play fast on your backhand, go for it!

With 64 you can explosively loop and counter with deadly intent. Just make sure you get your form down, its’s easy to get a little overconfident and miss shots.


While expensive, Tenergy 64 is a great rubber for attackers that favor speed over spin. That’s why the pros use it, that’s why you should use it.

Alex Horscroft

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