The 10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2022

Looking for the best ping pong table? Not sure what to look for? We’ve put together reviews of the best table tennis tables for 2022 and we also have an in-depth buyer’s guide to give you everything you need to choose the right table for you. Let’s get started.

At A Glance: The Best Ping Pong Tables

If you’re in a hurry, here are links to our favorite tables. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Our Favorite Ping Pong Tables

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

Below you’ll find reviews for the best indoor table tennis tables for 2022.

1. The JOOLA Tour 2500 – Best Overall


  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 feet
  • Assembly time – 10 minutes (Comes 95% ready to go)
  • Surface – 1″ (25mm) medium density fiberboard
  • Price – $$ (Check current price)
  • Our rating – 9.8/10 (Our JOOLA Tour review)

The JOOLA Tour 2500 is our number one choice for the best table tennis table. If you look at our most recommended tables, you’ll see that JOOLA knows what they’re doing when it comes to making indoor ping pong tables (three of our top-rated models are by JOOLA).

The Tour 2500 is one of our favorite options if you’re looking to get an affordable yet quality table that even the pros would be happy with.

As you’d expect from JOOLA, it has all of the features you’d expect and need. The first is a great table surface, the Tour series from JOOLA comes in three different thicknesses: the JOOLA Tour 1500 (5/8″), the JOOLA Tour 1800 (3/4″), and the tournament-grade table JOOLA Tour 2500 (1″). Remember that the thicker the surface of the tabletop the better bounce you’re going to get. While the most expensive, we feel that the 25mm version provides the best value for money. It’s perfect for recreational play at home or in the office, or for more serious play at clubs and tournaments.

It folds up for personal playback which enables you to practice on your own, and stores compactly when not in use. To move it around, it has eight casters wheels (four on each of the two halves) that lock in place to ensure it’s safe and won’t shift. If you have an uneven floor you can use the leg levelers to ensure a level playing experience.

All in all, the JOOLA Tour is a solid USATT-approved ping pong table, and it easily ranks as one of the top JOOLA ping pong tables for the money.

2. The JOOLA Inside 25 — Great Value for Money

best ping pong table joola


In at number two, we have the JOOLA Inside 25 table tennis table. It’s up there as one of the most popular table tennis tables of all time. It’s a great choice for intermediate or advanced players looking for their first table, or even a family looking for the best ping pong table that’s easy to fold and store away when not in use.

It comes in three table thicknesses but our favorite is the 25mm (the JOOLA Inside 25) that’s supported by 1.5-inch thick steel legs to keep it sturdy and safe. It splits into two pieces which makes it really easy to move around, plus you can fold up one side to play in personal playback mode and practice on your own or to put it in storage.

The reason we rate the Inside 25 ever-so-slightly over the Tour 2500 is simply because of the price. The two tables are almost identical and incredible in their own right. Yet the Inside 25 is several hundred dollars cheaper. Therefore, it simply provides better value for money.

We highly recommend the JOOLA Inside 25 to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, quality table for their games room that will last for years.

3. The STIGA Advantage Pro

best ping pong table stiga


  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 ft
  • Assembly time – 10 minutes
  • Surface – 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Price – $$
  • Our rating – 9.6/10 (Our STIGA Advantage Review )

Our 3rd choice is the STIGA Advantage Pro which is another very popular table for recreational players. It ticks a number of the boxes that you should be looking for in the best table tennis table. It’s the regulation size at 9 x 5 ft and is incredibly simple to set up, (some people have done it in under 10 minutes).

The playing surface comes in a few different table thicknesses. We like the STIGA Advantage Pro version which is 3/4 inch (19mm), but you can get the regular STIGA Advantage which is a bit cheaper but has a 5/8 inch (16mm) thick table surface. The cheapest version which we don’t recommend is the STIGA Advantage Lite. Its tabletop thickness is just 1/2 inch (13mm).

It’s made with a thick medium density fiberboard that they finish off with multiple layers of paint to ensure a totally smooth surface for a consistent bounce all over.

Like any high-quality table designed for indoors, you can fold up the STIGA Advantage Pro to put it away for easy storage or into personal playback mode to get some practice in on your own. When it’s folded, it locks into position with a spring-loaded safety latch to make certain it won’t open unexpectedly. It also features 4-inch premium black casters to make transporting it effortless. The wheels also have locks to keep your table safe and secure. To top it all off, the STIGA Advantage Pro table comes with a premium tournament-grade 72-inch net set that clamps to the top and is very easy to set up. You can adjust the height and the tension as well.

So if you’re looking for an affordable yet durable ping pong table for your home or office then check out the STIGA Advantage Pro.

4. The JOOLA United Pro 18

best ping pong table joola


  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 feet
  • Assembly time – 10 minutes (Comes 95% ready to go)
  • Surface – 3/4″ (18mm) medium density fiberboard
  • Price – $$ (Check current price)
  • Our rating – 9.5/10 (Our JOOLA Motion review)

Another fantastic table to look at is the JOOLA United Pro 18 (also known as the JOOLA Motion and JOOLA Rally TL). It’s hugely popular with beginners and intermediate players looking for a durable and reliable option that won’t break the bank.

The JOOLA United Pro, like most tables, comes in three different playing surface thicknesses. The 5/8 inch is the standard version and is more than adequate for most players, but if you can afford a bit extra, we recommend the 3/4 inch model which has tournament-grade thickness for a superior bounce. The JOOLA United Pro 18 has a tabletop made out of a medium-density MDF fiberboard and has multiple layers of paint to ensure a smooth a consistent ball bounce during play. It also has four locking wheels and leg levelers to keep the playing surface as flat as possible.

We also love the quality look and design of the JOOLA United Pro 18 and the fact that it has ball holders at each corner (once you’ve had a table with corner ball holders you won’t want to go back to one without!). It also features magnetic abacus scorers to help you keep track of who’s winning. Check the latest price of the United Pro 18 below.

5. The Butterfly Centrefold 25 — Longest Indoor Warranty Period

best ping pong table butterfly


If you’re willing to spend some serious money on a new table (over $2000) then you’re going to be getting a professional ping pong table that’s certainly suitable for tournament use. With this budget, you’ll be looking at a top-of-the-range table tennis table, possibly one used in world-class tournaments. The table should have at least a 1-inch thick tabletop, the wheels should be 3 inches large at minimum, and the chassis should be solid steel that does not bend or wear easily. The surface should also be scratch-resistant, and possibly most important of all, it should come with a long warranty period.

In our opinion, the Butterfly Centrefold 25 fits all these criteria and is one of the best quality ping pong tables available today.

Over the years, we’ve got to play on a lot of different indoor ping pong tables and it’s fair to say that the Centrefold 25 is in the top few of our favorite ones to play on. It’s made by Butterfly, one of the most popular table tennis companies, and they were even the official tournament sponsor and supplier of the 2012, 2014 & 2016 World Table Tennis Championships.

It’s got all the usual features that you’d expect in a high-quality professional table such as leg levelers and lockable 5-inch rubber wheels for easy movement. You can then fold it away when you want to put it into storage with its straightforward folding mechanism and safety latch to keep it in place. One important quality to note, however, is that the table doesn’t fold for solo playback. But by buying a table of such caliber we doubt you would use this feature if it was present anyway.

The incredible 1-inch scratch-proof playing surface gives an amazing bounce and it’s ITTF approved for top-level tournaments. We also like the flare from the magenta corner protectors which keeps it safe from knocks and bases. It also comes with a good quality Europa Net Set which is professional quality.

The only downside about the Butterfly Centrefold 25 is the cost, it’s fair to say it’s a high-end ping pong table and is immensely more expensive than the likes of say, the STIGA Advantage. That being said, this Butterfly table offers a five-year warranty which does soften the blow, so if you’re looking for one of the best-rated tables on the market that the pros would be happy with, then check it out.

6. STIGA Optimum 30 — Best Quality

best ping pong table stiga


If table thickness is what you seek then you’ll be mightily impressed by the STIGA optimum 30. Where most tournament standard ping pong tables have a 25mm thick playing surface, the Optimum 30s is 30mm thick. This means the quality and consistency of the bounce cannot be outdone by any other table, it is simply incredible to play on.

It also has a very strong build quality which we would expect from a high-end table. The steel legs measure 2-2/5″ x 1-3/5″ and the 2-2/5″ thick steel apron supports the playing surface. This is a table that will last for many many years and can stand up to a great deal of punishment.

Unsurprisingly, it’s rather heavy at almost 300lbs and takes around 1-2 hours to set up. This may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, but it’s pretty typical for elite tables. Many of us have simply become accustomed to lower to mid-end tables that are mostly pre-assembled.

The Stiga Optimum 30 comfortably ranks as one of our top tables ever, and it is easily worth the money for advanced players. However, given the Tour 2500, and Inside 25 are of similar quality and quite a bit cheaper, we feel they provide better value for money.

The Top Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

#1. The Cornilleau 300X Outdoor — Top Outdoor Pick

best ping pong table cornilleau


  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 feet (regulation size)
  • Setup – 90 – 120 minutes (Not so easy to put together on your own)
  • Surface – 5mm Laminate surface with glare reduction
  • Price – $$$$ (Check the latest price)
  • Our rating – 9.4/10 (Our Cornilleau 300X Review)

Up next we have the Cornilleau 300X Outdoor, which is a French-made outdoor table tennis table that sports an anti-glare 5mm thick top that provides a great ball bounce all over. Its folding frame is built with a 50mm thick steel alloy which gives it amazing support. It’s completely weatherproof as well so it won’t rust when exposed to the elements. We love the strong 200mm (8-inch) diameter casters which provide phenomenal portability. like most wheels, they have brakes to ensure the table remains in place when stowed away safely.

We particularly like the ball storage dispensers located under the table apron that makes getting a new ball very painless and practical. Plus it has storage space for four paddles and eight balls by the wheels to ensure you don’t lose your accessories. The swivel feet also help make it possible to play anywhere, as it adapts to the surface, while the foldable net allows you to adjust the net’s tension.

Overall it’s a very high quality, durable, sturdy and well-designed outdoor table, that comes with a 10-year warranty. These qualities make it our best ping pong table that we recommend for those looking for a table for their garden.

#2. The STIGA XTR Outdoor

best ping pong table stiga


Up next is the STIGA XTR, a great outdoor table tennis table built to withstand all that mother nature can throw at it. The 6mm aluminum top is made with an exterior grade powder coating and the legs are made with galvanized steel (powder coated with Zinc) that is waterproof, won’t rust, and is resistant to sun damage. All this makes it perfect for all year-round play in all climates. It’s built to resist moisture, something that can cause even the best indoor table tennis tables to warp and lose their shape.

The 1.5-inch tubular steel apron supports the tabletop and ensures that the bounce is even across the whole table’s surface. It’s incredibly easy to fold away when not in use with a self-opening feature that means its steel legs automatically deploy when opening or closing it. Like other tables, it has leg levelers and strong 3″ locking wheels for easy and safe transport. Budget willing, you could also check out the STIGA XTR Pro which has bigger wheels and a thicker frame. Both come with a 72″ weather-resistant tournament-grade net and post set that is made to last and keep its tension. It’s very similar to the JOOLA Nova DX (which we’ll look at next).

#3. The JOOLA Nova DX

best ping pong table joola


The JOOLA Nova DX is an indoor-outdoor weather-proof ping pong table that’s built to last. It’s got a 6mm thick aluminum and plastic composite surface that is warp-resistant and won’t chip to ensure it lasts for years of outdoor use. It’s got a really strong steel frame (galvanized) as well, sitting on a 30mm x 30 undercarriage that’s rust-resistant and safe.

The JOOLA Nova DX splits into two sections to make moving and storing easy — you can do it on your own. It also means you can set it in a playback position to practice by yourself. When it’s folded up it’s very smooth to move around as each of the two halves have four caster wheels that lock to keep you safe when transporting it. The table also comes with a weatherproof net set that is really simple to set up and isn’t fiddly like some of the nets we’ve seen. Like other good tables, it has leg levelers to ensure the table is as flat as possible, a very handy feature, especially on an outdoor table tennis table. All in all, the JOOLA Nova DX, or its bigger version, the JOOLA Nova Pro (which has thicker wheels) are both fantastic outdoor tables that we highly recommend.

#4. The Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor

best ping pong table


  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 ft
  • Assembly – 2 hours or more (Not easy to put together on your own)
  • Surface – 6mm synthetic laminate top
  • Price – $$$ (Check the latest price here)
  • Our rating – 7/10

The Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor is an outdoor ping pong table with a 6mm synthetic laminate top. While not particularly thick, it does match the thickness of most quality outdoor ping pong tables. The playing surface is identical to the Outdoor Home Rollaway, but it uses a more robust frame, therefore it could be a great choice for players who are a little heavy-handed.

The table folds up for solo playback mode and you can even leave the net on when you fold it up. This is a great feature that few tables have. We also like the large 5″ double wheels which make the table easy to move, and the included 3-year warranty. That’s a very respectable warranty period for an outdoor table.

The major downside to the Playback Rollaway Outdoor is how long it takes to assemble, users have reported that it takes way over two hours as it’s rather heavy. It’s very difficult, if not impossible to assemble on your own. We were also disappointed to see that the table does not have leg levelers. This is a strange feature to omit as the ground outdoors is often uneven, so leg levelers are essential to ensure a level playing surface while you play ping pong.


What Ping Pong Tables Do Professionals Use?

Professionals only use the top ping pong tables from brands like JOOLA, Stiga, Butterfly, Donic, DHS, and Tibhar. This means typically, they shouldn’t be using a playing surface thinner than 22mm.

How Much Does a Good Ping Pong Table Cost?

For indoor tables, we recommend a playing surface thickness of at least 18mm for passionate players. The cheapest 18mm table currently available is the Stiga Advantage priced at $499.99, so this is the minimum we consider for a good quality table. However, just a couple of hundred dollars extra allows you to buy a much better table.

What is the Best Brand of Table Tennis Table?

There isn’t a definitive best brand of table tennis table. All of the top manufacturers have elite ping pong tables. However, if we have to choose our favorites then that would be JOOLA, Stiga, and Butterfly. These companies consistently produce great tables so they are very safe brands to buy from. If you ever have doubts about the manufacturer of a table, check if they produce other high-quality table tennis equipment. And if you’re still not sure, just ask us!

What is the Best Color for a Ping Pong Table?

Pretty much all ping pong tables come in either green or blue, at least, most serious tables do. Whatever you choose is entirely up to you, there is no advantage to either. I personally don’t care if it’s blue or green, I care more that the color is darker. Brighter tables can be a little off-putting at times.

What are Professional Ping Pong Tables Made Of?

Professional tables often use a thick strong metal for the chassis such as steel, whereas the playing surface is usually made from either fibreboard or MDF.

What is the Best Thickness for a Ping Pong Table?

Most ping pong tables go as high as 25mm which is tournament-grade. However, 30mm tables are becoming increasingly common. Either is adequate. The thicker, the better.

How Big is a Professional Ping Pong Table?

A professional ping pong table measures 9 x 5 feet and is the same size as the majority of tables on the market.


We’ve looked at a lot of tables, but in our eyes, the JOOLA Tour 2500 is the best ping pong table you can buy right now. It is very well priced considering it’s a 25mm thick table, and it has a solid build quality to go with it. The table halves nest together for easy storage as well. This makes it a great choice for club and home use alike.

If you’re instead targeting an outdoor table because you lack the space indoors, we recommend the Cornilleau 300X if you have the money. It’s a little on the pricey side, but considering the staggering 10-year warranty period we think it’s worth the cash Cornilleau is asking for. They are experts of outdoor tables, and the 300X is an embodiment of this, from the SOFTMAT antiglare surface to the unique DSI 16-point locking system, it’s everything you could want for an outdoor table.

Tight on space? Why not check out our guide for the best mid-size ping pong tables.

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