JOOLA Tour 1800 Review

The JOOLA Tour 1800 table tennis table is a mid-tier ping pong table for individuals that want simply want a relatively good table, but not necessarily ITTF approved tournament quality.

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The surface of this table is 19mm thick, this is not a poor thickness but other tables have seen larger for the same price. However, this table is still pretty good. Click here to check out our favorite tables.

JOOLA is a company you can trust, they’re one of the leading manufacturers of Ping-pong tables in the world. Past worries and complaints by customers were met with upstanding resolution and were happy to fix out problems.


  • 18 mm painted table surface
  • 40mm Black powder coated metal undercarriage
  • Automatic folding legs
  • Four locking casters
  • Double anti-tilting device for added safety

This table is great for people that would have trouble folding or opening other tables out of storage like children or the elderly. Ping-Pong is actually a great sport for older people and has been reported as one of the healthiest sports for older individuals.

This table is still great for children though, it’s got 40mm black powder-coated under carriage that prevents the table from bending inwards. People, children especially, love to sit on the Table tennis table and this ultimately bends the chassis out of shape and ruins the table. The thicker under-carriage prevents this from happening, and should you encounter a problem, this table comes with a 3-year warranty.

Not only does it have a solid structure and durable surface but it’s built with double anti-tilting device for extra safety. You know that your children or kids will be safe playing this table. People have reported this is the best Ping-Pong table for kids, and I would have to agree, it’s very safe.

Other models

There are two other models in the JOOLA Tour series. If you’re looking for a cheaper option then you might want to check out the JOOLA Tour 1500. It has a thinner surface and so doesn’t get as good of a bounce as the Tour 1800 but that’s to be expected. Here’s our review of the JOOLA Tour 1500.

If you have some extra money to spend on your table then you could also check out the JOOLA Tour 2500. It has a 25mm (1″) thick table surface so has one of the best bounces you can get from a table. Here’s our full review of the JOOLA Tour 2500.


For the average player or person wanting to improve their playing then the JOOLA Tour 1800 could be a great choice. It’s won’t have the bounce quality of a professional or competition-level table but most people don’t need that. It gets fantastic reviews on Amazon and we recommend it too.

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