STIGA Apex Review

The STIGA Apex paddle is a great racket for recreational or beginner players that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new racket but still want a decent paddle with the ability to generate some spin. Considering the price, it’s an absolute steal and one of the cheapest yes still ITTF approved table tennis rackets on the market.

In this our STIGA Apex review, we’ll be covering some of it’s features as well as what we liked and didn’t like about it. Let’s get started.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Performance rating – Speed: 65, Spin: 52, Control: 80.
  • Blade – 5 ply wood blade with 2mm sponge
  • Rubbers – Drive inverted with ACS technology
  • ITTF Approved? – Yes, can be used in official tournaments
  • Price – $
  • Our rating – 7.8/10

Overview of the STIGA Apex

Compared to some of its more expensive predecessors, the STIGA Apex handles itself extremely well and has garnered hundreds of five star reviews on amazon.

Here’s a quick video with an overview of the STIGA Apex to give you a better idea.

It’s built using a 5-ply extra lightweight wood blade that is probably the cheapest ITTF approved racket you’re going to find. It’s also got Rubber: “Drive” inverted w/ ACS Technology, a concave Italian composite handle, with a 2 mm sponge.

The thicker the sponge, the more spring, the more power; the STIGA Apex is designed with increased power in mind, great for offensive players. The blade is made out of 5-ply extra light blade, for extra speed in returning shots, great for children who struggle with the heavier paddles.

I would recommend purchasing this racket if you are a beginner or recreational player. For the price offered, it’s hard to find another racket with such good quality. It’s got enough of the ability to control and generate spin on the ball for fun, but not enough extra gimmicks to make the price not worthwhile. Overall, this a great racket.

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About the brand: STIGA

If you’re new to table tennis and aren’t familiar with STIGA then know that they’re one of the largest and most respected manufacturer of table tennis equipment in the world. Having been around since the 1940s they’ve built up a great reputation at making great tables and paddles for all levels of table tennis players throughout the world.


The STIGA Apex is a table tennis paddle for those that want to play with something a little better than the cheap one they picked up at a local shop. It’s ideally for a recreational player looking for something to use at work or just at home. But if you’re taking your game a little more seriously there are better paddles for only a fraction more that would better suit your needs as a player that wants to develop his/her skills.

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