Killerspin MyT10 Review

Over the years, Killerspin has built a reputation for creating top of the line ping pong tables. Killerspin’s table, the Killerspin MyT10 Pocket, may be their best-designed table yet. This table has several built-in features that other tables cannot compete with.


  • Dimensions – 9ft x 5ft (regulation size) Play Position Dimensions: 107.8in H x 60in L x 36in W / Folded Dimensions: 64in H x 60in L x 36in W /
  • Weight – 310lbs
  • Surface – 25mm MDF
  • Price – $$$
  • Our Rating – 9.0

Flawless Design

The Killerspin MyT10 was built with a sturdy 2″ thick metal frame. The table top is crafted with a 25mm medium density fiberboard. The state of the art design provides an optimal bounce for professional play. Other table tops built from the same fiber material can cost you $2000 or more. Killerspin Ping Pong tables are known for being extremely high quality but at an affordable price.

Ping Pong tables of the same class are much more expensive, but they also lack several features that come standard with the Killerspin myt10. For example, the MyT10 ClubPro is a heavy duty table that will not need replacing anytime soon. The Killerspin Ping Pong table also comes with a premium steel net and post system.

Assembly and Maneuvering

Assembling the MyT10 ClubPro is very easy, but the table is a bit heavy. Two people may be needed in order to put it together. However, once the Myt10 ClubPro is put together, it is very easy to move around. The table comes with 4-inch ball-bearing wheels that roll seamlessly on wood or tile surfaces. The height of the table can also be adjusted for optimum play positions.

Play-Back Option for Single Play

This table is great for single play as well. Each side of the Ping Pong table can fold up. This allows for practice and easy storage. Whether your a pro or a beginner, this Killerspin Ping Pong table is right for you.


  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • High Quality Fiberboard Top
  • 4-Ball-Bearing Wheels Allow Easy Maneuverability
  • Premium Steel Net Included
  • Blue/Silver or Black/Black Color Options


  • Heavy Table
  • Requires Some Help To Assemble
  • Larger Room Is Recommended For Play


Anyone who is in the market for a ping-pong table should definitely purchase the Killerspin MyT10. Professional players, moms, and children have all recommended this table in the past. The state of the art design and easy maneuverability make this table a great buy. The fiberboard top and metal frame ensure quality play for even the most hardcore Ping Pong players.

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