Ping Pong Table Dimensions: Learn the Official Size & More!

Traditionally, a ping pong table’s dimensions are 274 cm long, 152.5 cm in width, and 76 cm in height. This equates to 9′ by 5′ by 4′, the official standard table tennis size for match play. As for the net, it should extend across the width of the table and measure 15.25 cm in height, including the side posts.

However, full-size tables are very large and difficult to fit into your home, as you need to consider not only the size of the table but also the space around it. I’ve played on virtually every type of table from full size (274 cm x 152.5 cm) all the way down to mini models (127 cm x 71 cm). 

In this post, I break down everything related to ping pong table size, including smaller models that are easier to fit into your home. Stay tuned to find out which is best for you!

Regulation Ping Pong Table Dimensions & Requirements

Most sports have an official regulatory body that sets the rules for everything about the game. This covers the scoring of points, what equipment players can use, and the dimensions and materials of the courts and tables. In the case of table tennis, the governing body is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Below, I’ll cover all of the various dimensions of ping pong tables and other requirements.

What Is a Regulation Size Ping Pong Table?

The official size of ping pong tables (length x width x height) should be:

ping pong table dimensions fulls-size



  • 108″ x 60″ x 30″
  • 9′ x 5′ x 2.5′
  • 2.74 m x 1.525 m x 0.76 m
  • 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm

For those of you wondering what is the size of a standard ping pong table, it’s 9′ (2.74 m) x 5′ (1.525 m) x 2.5′ (0.76 m). This is the standard type of table and the only one I play on regularly. As it’s full size, you can play the game exactly as intended with a full range of attacking shots. You don’t have to worry about overhitting the ball because the table is too small. Full-size models are often far more rugged, so you can purchase with peace of mind, knowing that your table will last a long time. 

For a table to meet regulations for use in official table tennis matches like in the Olympics or , it has to meet these requirements. You’d see this size in most sports clubs, schools, bars, and is used for team events. Whether you’re in the USA, England, India, South Korea, or Beijing, this is the standard size of all tables.

Space Required Around the Table

ping pong table dimensions


Space requirements depend heavily on the setting. The playfield in an international event or world tournament setting should be 14 m x 7 m, approximately 46′ x 23′. This is because athletes frequently like to drift away from the table and you don’t want to hit your paddles on the wall. 

On the other hand, recreational table tennis rooms need far less space. Approximately 8.5 m x 4 m or 28′ x 13′ should suffice. While this isn’t a massive area, it is still tough to find inside your home. Worse still, if you’re like me and tend to drift a little away from the table, it’s even more unlikely you will have enough room to play indoors. 

For this reason, many people opt for their backyard to be their playfield. 

Type of PlayFeetInchesMeters
Recreational play / coaching28 ft x 13 ft336" x 156"8.5 m x 4 m
Local league & local tournaments30 ft x 16.5 ft360" x 198"9 m x 5 m
National league 33 ft x 16.5 ft 396" x 198"10 m x 5 m
National tournaments40 ft x 20 ft480" x 240"12 m x 6 m
International events46 ft x 23 ft480" x 240"14 m x 7 m

How Tall Is a Ping Pong Table?

The official ping pong table height is 76 cm/30″. This level allows players of various statures to play comfortably. It’s also intended to let disabled players who are wheelchair-bound enjoy the game.

How Long Is a Ping Pong Table?

Full-size ping pong table length measures 274 cm/108″. This gives you a large enough playable area to hit the ball with conviction. The same cannot be said of mini models, as the length of these ping pong tables is just 127 cm/50″.

How Wide Is a Ping Pong Table?

Officially, the standard ping pong table size concerning width is 152.5 cm/60″. However, for the smallest tables on the market, this can shrink to a mere 71 cm/21″.

Ping Pong Table Folded Dimensions

The dimensions of a folded ping pong table predominantly depend on what type of table you purchase. One-piece tables tend to be the largest and measure around 73″ in length, 29″ in width, and 62.5″ in height. Two-piece models, on the other hand, nest together for more compact storage. These instead measure approximately 64″ in length, 24.5″ in width and 62″ in height. 

If this isn’t small enough for you but you are still after a full-size model, then an ultra-compact table is what you should look for. One such example is the Butterfly Centrefold 25. It measures 60″ in length, 19″ in width, and 63″ in height.

Ping Pong Table Markings

A standard ping pong table must have:

  • A white line on the side of the table that is 2 cm wide across the length of the table
  • A white end line of 2 cm width across the width of the table
  • A 3 mm wide white center line parallel to the sideline

The last line relates to doubles. Its job is to divide the table into equal halves.

Ping Pong Table Net

ping pong table dimensions net

The ITTF rules for ping pong nets stipulate that the net height must be 15.25 cm tall. The rules also state that either side of the net must extend 15.25 cm beyond the sidelines of the table. This relates to the side posts which keep the net suspended. The bottom of the net must also hang as close to the table’s surface as possible. 

The net’s purpose is to separate the playing area into two equal parts. It runs parallel to the end lines. 

You can easily check your net height before a game using a net gauge

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Ping Pong Table Thickness

ping pong table dimensions thickness


Ping pong table playing surfaces come in lots of different thicknesses. The thinnest tables are around ½”, but elite tables can go as thick as 1.2″. Regulation size ping pong table thicknesses must be at least 1″.

The tables must be this thick so the ball can bounce to the required height. When a ball is dropped from a height of 30 cm, it must bounce 26 cm otherwise, it is not fit for competitive play. Generally speaking, the thicker the tabletop, the higher the ball will bounce. 

Thick tables of 1″ or more can get quite expensive, and you don’t necessarily need one if you are a new player. I recommend going for whatever thickness you can afford, with a ¾” (18 mm) thickness being my minimum recommendation.

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What Is the Size of a ¾ Size Ping Pong Table?ping pong table dimensions

  • 2.13 m x 1.22 m x 0.76 m
  • 7′ x 4′ x 2.5′
  • 84″ x 48″ x 30″
  • 213 cm x 122 cm x 76 cm

The ping pong table dimensions in feet for a 3/4 size table are around 7′ x 4′, with a height of 2.5′. This means having a room with limited space shouldn’t stop you from owning a ping pong table. Moreover, you don’t need to go straight to a mini-model. ¾ size tables are only slightly smaller versions of regulation tables, so they emulate regular play. They are a great compromise for younger players and those just playing for fun.

However, if you’re more of a serious player like myself, I recommend picking up a full-size model instead. The length you lose on a 3/4 size table makes it much harder to play attacking shots with spin. 

Please note that 3/4 size models still have the regulation ping pong table height. This is true for almost all table tennis tables (except the tabletop ones!). On the other hand, they are not ITTF-approved, so you can’t use them for official play. Only select full-size models are ITTF-compliant. 

What Are the Dimensions of a Mid-Size Ping Pong Table?

ping pong table dimensions

  • 1.82 m x 0.91 m x 0.76 m
  • 6′ x 3′ x 2.5′
  • 72″ x 36″ x 30″
  • 182 cm x 91 cm x 76 cm

The ping pong table dimensions in inches for a mid-size table are around 72″ x 36″ x 30″. Yet there is no set size for mid-size ping pong tables, and you will see these models sold under various names. 

Mid-size ping pong tables are great for use around the home with limited space. You will likely come across mini ping pong tables when browsing, too. Mid-size versions tend to be bigger, but not always. 

I owned one for years when I first started playing and found it fun to use! For a casual knock-around, it’s a great bit of kit! I also like that they are super easy to store. They fold very flat, so you can easily store your table and rackets out of the way when you are finished playing.

Measurements of a Mini Ping Pong Table

ping pong table dimensions

  • 1.27 m x 0.71 m x 0.76 m
  • 4.2′ x 2.3′ x 2.5′
  • 50″ x 28″ x 30″
  • 127 cm x 71 cm x 76 cm

Mini ping pong tables are typically around 50′ x 28′ and usually have a height of 30′. They are the smallest recreational option, provided you want to avoid poorly made novelty tables. There is no standard size — they come in a variety of dimensions. 

I find playing on these miniature tables is mostly for fun. It’s a good way to teach young players how to play the game. The downside is that if you get used to playing on smaller ping pong tables, it can take a bit of time to adjust when you go back to playing on ping pong tables that are full-size. Therefore, I don’t recommend them for serious training.

They are also the thinnest type of table on this list, so try to handle them carefully. The net tends to be a particularly weak point. 

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What Are the Dimensions of Outdoor Ping Pong Tables?

ping pong table dimensions outdoor

  • 2.74 m x 1.525 m x 0.76 m
  • 9′ x 5′ x 2.5′
  • 108″ x 60″ x 30″
  • 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm

Outdoor ping pong tables commonly comply with the standard ping pong table dimensions. This means they are often the same size as full-size indoor models at 108″ in length, 60″ in width, and 30″ in height. However, many smaller outdoor ping pong tables are also available for purchase. One such table I love for casual play is the GoSports ping pong table. It measures 6′ by 3′, making it a mid-size table. 

I’ve played on many outdoor table tennis tables in my time, and while they are great from a playable space standpoint (outdoors), bounce quality is lacking compared to indoor models. Therefore, I recommend going with the latter if possible, but if this isn’t an option, select an outdoor model with a thick playing surface. 

Some Recommendations

PictureNameITTF Approved?Link
table tennis table dimensions butterflyButterfly Centrefold 25YesCHECK PRICE
table tennis table dimensions butterfly juniorButterfly Junior Stationary TableNoCHECK PRICE
ping pong table dimensions miniStiga Mini Table Black EditionNoCHECK PRICE

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I hope this post helped make sense of the various ping pong table dimensions and how much space you need to play. Obviously, if you have the space, I recommend you go for a full-size table. You can read our full guide on buying a ping pong table for more details. But if you’re restricted by insufficient room like most people, don’t let that deter you from getting one. If you’re looking for a smaller fun option, you can choose from a ¾ size table, a mid-sized table, or a mini ping pong table. All three are excellent choices for limited spaces.

Are you eager for more table tennis goodness? Read our breakdown of the official rules for table tennis.


What Size Room Do You Need for a Ping Pong Table?

A good-sized room to fit most ping pong tables is 28' x 13'. However, beginners need less room than advanced players.

What Size Is a 3/4 Size Ping Pong Table?

You can expect most 3/4-sized tables to measure around 84" x 48" x 30" but there is no set ping pong table size for a 3/4 model, unlike a full-size table.

How Wide Is a Ping Pong Table in Feet?

According to the International Table Tennis Federation, ping pong table width is 5 feet for full-size tables.

Is a Table Tennis Table the Same Size as a Ping Pong Table?

Table tennis tables and ping pong tables are the same, as the terms "ping pong" and "table tennis" are used synonymously. Although technically speaking, there are slight differences between the two games.

Are There Different Sizes of Ping Pong Tables?

Most table tennis tables have the same height of 30" and vary in length and width. For mini ping pong tables, the minimum length is around 50", and the minimum width is 28". Full-size tables, on the other hand, are much larger measuring 108" in length by 60" in width.

Are Table Tennis and Ping Pong Tables the Same Size?

Table tennis and ping pong tables are the exact same size. Both usually have standard table tennis dimensions of 2.74 m x 1.525 m x 0.76 m. In actual fact, when most people say ping pong what they mean is table tennis. Ping pong uses slow sandpaper paddles whereas table tennis uses modern paddles with rubbers.

Are Professional Ping Pong Tables Smaller?

Professional ping pong tables are not smaller than other tables. They are full-size models that are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. These measure 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm.

What Is the Regulation Ping Pong Table Size?

A regulation ping pong table has a standard size of 108" x 60" x 30".

How Thick Should Ping Pong Tables Be?

Table top thickness matters as it significantly influences the bounce of the ball. The thicker the table, the better the bounce. We recommend getting a table at least 18 mm thick which is the standard thickness for most tables. But if you are serious about the game, 22 mm or 25 mm tables represent better investments.

How Long Is a Ping Pong Table?

Regulation ping pong tables measure 9' long which is equal to 108" or 274 cm.

What Is the Standard Ping Pong Table Size?

Standard ping pong tables measure 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm. In feet, this is 9' x 5' x 2.5'.

What Is the Standard Ping Pong Table Size in Feet?

The official ping pong table size in feet is 9' in length, 5' in width, and 2.5' in height.

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