6 Fun DIY Ping Pong Table Ideas For A Weekend Project

Ping pong tables can be expensive and for some people buying one isn’t possible. For others, playing table tennis is only half the fun and the journey of building their own table from scratch is where they really have the fun.

In this post we’ll be sharing some inspiration of DIY ping pong table designs and links to plans for you to follow and make your own table.

What you’ll need

You’re going to need a few different things to start building your very own ping pong table. But, the exact tools and materials you’ll need will depend on how competent and ambitious you are. Plus, it will depend on which plans you’re following.

There are a few common components that you’ll need no matter which designs you’re building which we’ll cover below.

Wood pieces for the table’s top

The first thing you’ll need is a table top. These tend to be made out of wood so you’ll need one or two large pieces of wood that you can cut into the dimensions of a ping pong table.

Just to give you a rough idea, a standard table is 9-feet long and 5-feet wide. If you’re a little less ambitious mini tables tend to be around 6-feet long and 3-feet wide.

Table legs or a steady base

Attaching legs to your ping pong table is optional but you’ll have to have something else to use as a base to be able to place the tabletop on. You can use some makeshift legs by using chairs or picnic tables that you might already own.


You’re going to need some basic tools to be able to cut, screw and drill all the pieces together to fashion your new table. You’ll at least need:

  • a saw
  • a drill
  • some nuts, bolts and screws


Similar to the table legs, painting your ping-pong table is optional. Obviously you can use any colour you like but most table tennis tables tend to be either dark blue or dark green color.

We’d recommend going for a darker color though as ping pong balls are usually white or orange and it’s easier to see the ball with darker colored table tops.

How do you make a homemade ping pong table?

So now that we’ve covered a few of the things you’ll need, we’ve made a list of some of the best plans and designs we’ve found from around the web.

1. Folding ping pong table

How to make a folding ping pong table tutorial

Our first inspiration for you is this video from Jon Peters on YouTube. He talks you through everything that you need to know to make a good looking and working ping pong table in not very long.

It also folds up and so makes an idea table to use indoors where space might be in short supply. It also won’t break the bank and all in all he reckons it should cost you around $90 in materials and take 2 – 3 days from start to finish.

2. How to Build a Ping Pong Table

How to build a ping pong table‘ by davide67 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

If you’re looking for a full size table that while might not be quite as good as a regulation standard one but will cost a lot less then check out this great looking design.

It looks like he’s purchases a ping pong table conversion top and balanced it on some chairs but he’s actually made it all from scratch including the net! The table top splits in two making it easy to move around and it sits on some DIY work stands that won’t cost very much.

We love the design and the paint finish on this table. If you want to have a go at making it too check out the very detailed plans on the link below.

3. Simple no frills DIY table tennis table

DIY ping pong table‘ by mkaercher is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

If you’re looking for a simple DIY ping pong table project that’s easy to build but won’t win any awards then check out this DIY ping pong table on instructables.com.

It’s remarkably affordable with the designer claiming that it will cost less than $100 to make and only required a few materials. It uses two sheets of plywood along with four plastic saw horses to act as the frame and table legs.

It won’t be the sturdiest of options but if you’re not that handy in the woodshed then it could be a good option to get up and running quickly and without much hassle.

4. The upside down old car table

There are some very inventive and creative people out there and one such design that we love is this old car converted into a ping pong table. While the wheels aren’t the most practical and probably affect the quality of the game considerably it’s a great talking point and feature.

This project will take a lot more work than some of the other designs we covered but if you have an old car lying around then you could have a go and let us know how it went!

5. The ping pong table come door

One of our favorite ideas in this post was this amazing ping pong table / door. When folded up it’s a door but flick a few switches and it magically unfolds into a mini ping pong table.

It really takes inventiveness to a whole new level and has been executed perfectly with everything from the net doubling as storage to support beams that slot into the door frame.

You can actually order them from German designer Tobias Fränzel but as they’re made to order and cost over €12,000 you might be better off trying the do it yourself method by following the YouTube video below.

6. Public ping pong table come art piece

The People’s Table: Outdoor Public Ping Pong‘ by grmaloney is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Another table for the ambitious builders is this retro looking public ping pong table. It’s a little more work than some of the others we’ve looked at but if you got some time and dedication it could be a fun project to take on.

It will require a few days to build plus, a lot of materials and will cost around $900 to put together. But, compared to purchasing a public ping pong table it’s a lot cheaper as they can easily cost upwards of $2500 and so definitely the cheaper option.


If you’re wanting to take your table tennis seriously then we always recommend you buy a table from a reputable brand. But, we also understand some people like taking on the project and just want to hit a ball around from time to time.

It’s for these cases that making your own table tennis table can be a fun weekend project to work on with a friend. As they say, sometimes the journey is the destination. If you made any of these plans let us know in the comments below and send us your photos and we’ll feature them in this post. Good luck!

Eugene (Gene) Sandoval has been one of those guys who spent too many hours around ping pong tables in high school. However, soon enough, Gene understood that there is more to ping pong than having fun. That is how he started a journey that made Eugene one of the experienced semi-professional ping pong players in the United States. As the founder of the PingPongRuler, Eugene spends most of his time surrounded by ping pong tables and research. He always has this knack for coming up with new ping pong strategies and telling the good and bad equipment apart.