The Best Ping Pong Nets and Posts in 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s nothing worse than a cheap sagging table tennis net which is why it’s so important to choose a good one. In this post, we’re going to look at everything you need to know to help you purchase the best ping pong net and posts for your needs. Let’s get started.

At a Glance: Best Ping Pong Nets and Posts

Before we move on to our ping pong net buyer’s guide, here’s a quick look at some of our favorite nets if you’re in a rush.

What is a Table Tennis Net and Post?

A table tennis net and posts are pieces of equipment that separate the two halves of a ping pong table. The posts connect at either end of the table where the two halves join, and the net is suspended across with a drawstring. Nets are necessary as they help moderate the speed of play — without them, players could hit the ball as hard as they like. 

How Do You Attach a Ping Pong Net?

Attaching a ping pong net is a simple process and will vary depending on what type of net you purchase. The names are fairly self-explanatory. The posts of a screw clamp net attach to the table with a screw clamp, while a clip-on net uses a clip. And most of the time, the net attaches to the posts via a rod at either end which sits within the posts. Once you connect the net to the table you can then adjust its height and tension if the net has these features.

How High is the Net on a Ping Pong Table?

Like any other sport, table tennis has certain rules and regulations that you need to follow, including the specifications of the net and posts. These specs are managed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). If you’re serious about your game and want to compete in tournaments then you’ll need to make sure you abide by the requirements. While height is the most important facet, you should also adhere to the other net rules:

  • Height: 15.25 cm (6 inches)
  • Length: 1.83 meters (6 feet)
  • Post length: 15.25 cm or 6” outside the table

It’s important that the height of the net is the same throughout the whole width of the table. That’s why it’s key to have tension adjusters to prevent it from sagging in the middle. The ITTF also specifies that the bottom of the net should be as close to the surface of the table as possible. To learn about table dimension requirements click here.

What Colors are Ping Pong Nets?

Like dimensions, the ITTF also has strict rules regarding colors. All nets should have a white stripe along their top edge that is no wider than 15mm, while the net itself can be green, blue, or black.

How Tight Should a Ping Pong Net Be?

Net tension isn’t too difficult to get right. As per ITTF’s rules stated earlier, the net should maintain a height of 15.25cm across its whole length. So if there is any sag in the middle it is too loose. However, you also want to avoid over-tightening the net as this can cause the ball to kick off of it harder than it should. Most players simply test the net by hand by giving it a little flick to check there’s no slack, but if you want to be more accurate you can use a net gauge.

Rest it on the net and ensure that bottom of the gauge is ever so slightly above the table’s surface. If it isn’t, tighten the net a little (assuming it has tension adjusters).

Types of Ping Pong Nets

Before we talk about what features are important when picking a new net, it’s best to cover the three main types of table tennis nets available. Along with the pros and cons of each type.

Clamp and Screw Net and Posts

ping pong nets and posts Europa

If quality and the optimal gameplay are high on your list of priorities, then you’ll want to get a clamp and screw style net and posts set. This is the style of net used in official tournaments, clubs, schools, and serious events.

The posts attach to the table by clamping down firmly on the surface and then they are screwed tight to prevent movement during games.

They usually come with both height and tension adjusters which are required for official games — but are also very handy for casual players to help ensure their net meets playing requirements.

Clamp and screw-style nets are the best ping pong nets for thick tables. This is because generally speaking, they open a lot wider than clip-on nets.


  • Adjustable height and tension
  • Bulkier net
  • Better gameplay
  • Fits thicker tables


  • Most expensive type on the list
  • Takes longer to set up

Clip-on Nets

Clip-on net and posts

Probably the most common type of ping pong net and posts are clip-on models. This style will sometimes come with a reasonably priced table tennis table and they’re more than adequate for most recreational games.

These nets use a clip system to attach the posts to the table and are incredibly easy to set up and get playing.


  • Very fast set up and removal
  • Often have tension adjusters, and sometimes height adjusters
  • Reasonably stable
  • Can hold table halves together


  • Can scratch the tabletop
  • If knocked will move

Retractable nets

The cheapest and lowest quality type of net are retractable table tennis nets. These are ideal if you’re on a very tight budget. They’re basically rollable nets that you can extend up to 2 meters. In addition, you can adjust them to any table making them good for casual players who have converted a dining table into their own DIY ping pong table.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Width adjustment
  • Quick to set up


  • Not designed for professional use
  • Wide posts can obstruct shots
  • No height and tension adjustment

Important Features to Consider

Before choosing which net is best for you, you might want to consider some specific factors such as installation and adjustment.

Ease of Set Up

If you’re going to be leaving your table out and set up 24/7 then this isn’t too much of a factor. But, if on the other hand, you’ll be putting it away when not in use, then the speed of setup is something to consider. Some nets only take a few seconds to set up but the clamp and screw ones can take a few minutes.

Height Adjusters

Height adjusters are a vital part of the net, especially if you’re planning to use the net for tournaments. However, not all nets for ping pong table comes with them. We recommend getting a net with height adjusters even if you’re just playing for fun.

Tension Adjusters

If you’ve played even a couple of games of ping pong you’ll know that the ball is going to hit the net a lot. If you clip the very top of the net and the tension isn’t good, then it can cause the ball to roll over which doesn’t give your opponent much of a chance to make a return. The way to prevent this is to get the tension of the net correct.

Weatherproof (For Outdoor Tables)

If you’re buying an outdoor table tennis table then you should make sure you buy a net made for outside and all different weather conditions. If you leave your net in the garden all year round then it needs to be weatherproof and be able to withstand wind, rain, and the sun’s UV rays. Otherwise, it can degrade over time and lose its color.

Ping Pong Net Reviews

Now that we’ve looked at everything you need to consider before purchasing, we’re going to look at what we think are the best table tennis nets on the market today.

#1. JOOLA Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net and Post SetJOOLA Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Key Features:

  • Clamp and screw net
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • Weight: 1.63lbs

The JOOLA Premium Avanti table tennis net and post set is a clamp and screw style table tennis set of tournament quality. It’s easy to set up with its screw-on attachment system and has rubber padding on the clamps so your table stays safe. At 1.63 pounds, it’s also light, making it easy to carry around for portable play. You can also adjust the height and tension of the net using the ball and chain and height screw. The 1.5-inch-thick vertical posts are collapsible, adding to the already good portability. Surprisingly, it’s relatively affordable given the quality of the net.

#2. STIGA Premium VM Net Set

STIGA Premium VM Net Set

Key Features:

  • Clamp and screw net
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • ITTF approved
  • Weight: 3.7lbs
The STIGA Premium VM net set is an ITTF approved net of high quality – hence the approval. This is also a clamp and screw model, meaning it’s the best kind if you want to have a serious match. You don’t get mid-match wiggling of the net with these kinds of models. The Stiga Premium VM features both height and tension adjustment so you have complete control over refining the net’s conditions. It features a 1.5-inch bracket and is a little more expensive than the other clamp and screw models, but it’s worth the few extra dollars.

#3. Butterfly Europa Professional Table Tennis Net

Butterfly Europa Professional Table Tennis Net Set

Key Features:

  • Clamp and screw net
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • ITTF approved
  • Weight: 1lbs
The Butterfly Europa is a clamp-style ping pong table net that is among the top-quality nets available in the market. At a little under $100, its price point may be higher than most are willing to swallow, but the premium quality is where it’s at. Many amateur players have commented on its durability and sturdiness. Consequently, this could be a good one-time investment if you’re looking to go all-in on quality.

#4. STIGA Premium Clipper 72

STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Table Tennis Net and Post Set

Key Features:

  • Clip-on net
  • Tension adjustment
  • Weight: 1.9lbs
The STIGA Premium clip-on net and post is an easy-to-set-up net that would do well for those who are just making table tennis a more serious hobby. It’s a little less expensive than most of the other options and it’s easily set up with a spring-activated clip. The net fits regulation size tables and even comes with a measuring tool to check it fits the dimensions. The posts themselves are made of heavy-duty steel, and the net’s tension can be easily adjusted. However, it does not feature any height adjustment which is a big loss.
*Unfortunately the Stiga Clipper is currently out of stock. However, Stiga has another Clipper net (confusing we know). It’s a better model that features height adjustment. Click here to check it out!

#5. JOOLA Spring Professional Table Tennis Net

Key Features:

  • Clip-on net
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • ITTF approved
  • Weight: 3.1lbs
The JOOLA Spring is a clamp-style net fit for 72-inch regulation size tables. With a spring-activated clamp attachment, this ITTF approved net is quite convenient for a quick game. The posts are 1.5 inches thick and made of heavy-duty metal. Considering the quality, the slightly more expensive price tag is not unreasonable. JOOLA says that the net can last for years which we don’t doubt for a second looking at its quality. This net is undoubtedly one of the best clip-on nets you can buy.

#6. JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Net

JOOLA Outdoor Weatherproof Table Tennis Net

Key Features:

  • Clamp and screw net
  • Tension adjustment
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Weight: 1.7lbs
The JOOLA Outdoor weatherproof ping pong table net is the first on this list to be suitable for outdoor play. The net is made of high-quality nylon mesh. Besides that, the model is more or less the same as other professional level nets. It’ll work on most standard-sized table tennis tables. Like most of the other models, you can adjust its tension. However, it does not have any height adjustment which is a shame. But given it is intended for outdoor use, we expect you aren’t too picky in this regard.

#7. JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net

JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net

Key Features:

  • Retractable net
  • Width adjustment
  • Weight: 1.36lbs

The JOOLA retractable portable table tennis net is one for those games you just want to hammer out quickly. There’s a lot going for this net: it’s much cheaper, works for both indoor and outdoor play, is light and portable, and pretty much works on any surface. It also uses a button-style clamp feature with rubber padding for easy attachment. The downside is that while it is of good quality, it is far from the standards of tournament-grade nets. This is more of a model for those who want a net that they can whip out for a quick game anywhere. In our opinion, it is the best retractable ping pong net you can buy.

#8. JOOLA Snapper Professional Table Tennis Net

JOOLA Snapper Professional Table Tennis Net

Key Features:

  • Clip-on net
  • Height and tension adjustment
  • Weight: 1.82lbs


The JOOLA Snapper professional table tennis net is a clamp-style net for regulation-size tables. Made of a steel alloy with a 1.5-inch thickness, this is certainly one of the tougher nets you’ll find on the market. The spring-activated clamp makes it easy to get started playing with little setup. Like the other top nets, you can adjust its tension and height. The net also comes with a zipper storage case, which is a nice added bonus.

So Which Net Should You Get?

The above ping pong nets and posts are just some of our favorites but it really depends on your circumstances in regards to which one will be best for you. If you’re a casual player who wants to play quickly and isn’t bothered about the best quality, then we recommend a clip-on net and post set like the STIGA Premium Clipper. But, if quality is your primary objective, then we suggest either the JOOLA Premium Avanti or the STIGA Premium VM, as these are not crazy expensive, get really great reviews, and are very good quality. Let us know which one you go for in the comments below or if there are any other nets that you’ve tried and liked.

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