15 Ping Pong Gifts for Table Tennis Lovers

We love ping pong gift ideas over here at PingPongRuler. And we’re sure you do too. We’ve scoured the web for the best table tennis gifts and sourced 15 great products. Whether you’re after a present for a friend, or a little something for yourself, there really is something for everyone on this list.

1.      Yasaka Mark V Racket

Not everyone understands the intricacies of finding a suitable table tennis bat. Few outsiders realize that bat customization is a key aspect of table tennis, and a poor bat can harshly stunt your table tennis game through no fault of your own ability such as with a bad grip.

This is why choosing a suitable bat is so critical. And, well, it’s hard. I remember the first time I chose an ITTF approved bat. It was a little overwhelming. With such an abundance of rubbers and blades to choose from it was difficult to know what I should buy. This is where the Yasaka Mark V racket comes in.

This bat is completely pre-assembled – all of the customization has been taken care of. The Yasaka Mark V is the perfect bat for the all-around player and suitable for beginners all the way through to advanced levels of play. I cannot recommend it enough as a starting point for a competition-compliant bat.


2.      Sanwei ABS 1-Star Training Balls – Pack of 100

Bulk lot of training table tennis balls


No one likes to run out of table tennis balls, and whilst 3-star balls are superb, they are pretty pricey. Especially if you buy them for training on top of matches. Instead, invest in a good set of training balls and keep your precious 3-star balls for matches. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Having a large supply of balls also opens up new styles of training such as multi-ball and service practice without a partner. These are great ways to improve your game and essential if you are serious about improving as a player.

Sanwei ABS balls are made of plastic and have great bounce and roundness. This set is one of the top-rated available and offers the best value for money for training balls. 


 3.      CHAOFAN Multi-ball Storage

A product to hold balls for table tennis training


To perform multi-ball training, you need somewhere to store the balls. The CHAOFAN mesh storage is ideal for this.

For starters, it stores 250 balls – I doubt you even have that many! It maneuvers easily, locks into place using its wheel and brake system, and is also height adjustable. This means storage is simple, you can wheel it under the table out of the way when it is not in use. 


4.      JOOLA Retractable Portable Net

A portable net that allows you to play table tennis virtually anywhere


For those of us who are crazy about table tennis, waiting for the next training session is often not enough. We just need to play! It doesn’t matter where. This is why the JOOLA Retractable Portable Net makes the list. It allows you to play table tennis on virtually any surface.

Unlike many ordinary table tennis nets which struggle to fix to irregular table thicknesses (yes, I am looking at you, clip nets), this net has an adjustable clamp that fits surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick.

It is also far more lightweight than ordinary nets, expands beyond the standard table tennis table width, and retracts for easy storage. It is the ideal gift for ping pong players as you can easily store it in your backpack for days out.


5.  JOOLA 126 – White

Lightweight, breathable trainers for premium performance


Footwear is a somewhat overlooked aspect of table tennis. Having suitable footwear is important if you don’t want to be sliding all over the place! The JOOLA 126 is a stylish, lightweight, indoor trainer. It features breathable mesh to prevent the build-up of sweat and to keep your feet dry. A reliable trainer for ping pong lovers.


6.      Andro Fraser Double Case – Blue


Keeping your bat protected is vital. Especially if you have forked out for a custom-built bat. It doesn’t make sense to leave an expensive bit of kit unprotected in your bag. It will excessively wear; your blade will get dents and your rubbers will become frayed. Protect your precious bat!

The Andro Fraser Double Case does the job. With a catchy design, 3 zips, and enough space for two bats, it is all you need. 


7.      ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot

Table tennis robots are great table tennis companions


One of the biggest frustrations for table tennis players is not having a partner available when you want to play. This is especially common if you have reached an advanced level as many people will not be able to match your ability. That doesn’t make for very effective training. This is why table tennis robots provide so much value.

The ZXMOTO is one of the more affordable models but still offers a great deal of versatility for training. It has 36 different levels for spin, and speed variation of 3-30M/S. The head also rotates allowing you to alternate between your backhand and forehand.

The robot stores up to 110 ping pong balls meaning you get a sizable drill before the need to top-up the basket. With all these features, it is the ideal table tennis companion. Sporting stellar reviews, we think you’ll find it very useful.


8.      BESPORTBLE Ping Pong Ball Retriever

A ping pong ball retriever helps pick up table tennis balls


Picking up table tennis balls can be a bit of a nightmare. Especially during multi-ball sessions or when you are using a robot. It’s a LOT of bending down. And of course, the balls spread out to every inch of wherever it is you are playing.

A handy ball retriever is super convenient to speed up the ball recovery process and get you back to the actual training. The extendable BESPORTBLE retriever uses a durable aluminum alloy rod, mesh basket, and nylon rope net to seize table tennis balls. Simply push down lightly on the balls, and it will expand to capture. The net is very flexible which prevents any damage.

With a capacity of 120 balls, this retriever can comfortably fit the entirety of the Sanwei training balls pack we recommended. A great table tennis gift indeed. 


9.      JOOLA Clipper Foam Rubber Cleaner with Sponge – 100ml

A rubber cleaner helps to keep your rubbers in good condition


Table tennis rubber upkeep is key to making sure your rubbers last. After a training session, your rubber becomes very dirty and needs cleaning. Just think of all the dirt that balls accumulate whilst on the floor – all of that filth makes its way onto your bat!

Fortunately, cleaning your rubbers is a simple job. A quick spray from JOOLA’s rubber cleaner and wipe with their included chamois sponge and you’re all done. Easy-peasy.


10.  Stiga Edge Tape – 12mm x 5m

Edge tape protects the edge of your bat


Another way to prolong the life of your bat is by using edge tape. It also adds a nice finish. Knocking the edge of your bat against the table every now and again is an inevitability. Even the pros do it. This is why virtually all players use edge tape. We recommend buying a roll for yourself to replace as needed. 

After a while, your edge tape may still be functional but appear quite worn. Being as cheap as edge tape is, it is worth replacing to keep your bat looking great. I often receive edge tape as a table tennis gift at Christmas – you can never have enough edge tape.


11.      JOOLA Tour 1800

An affordable table tennis table


What ping pong gift guide would be complete without a ping pong table itself? There are a mountain of tables out there but this affordable model JOOLA Tour 1800 ticks all of the boxes for most players. What’s more, as of the time of writing it’s on sale with 23% off.

The abundance of 5-star reviews speaks for itself, but here is what you need to know. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble, has a robust build, and folds away for easy storage. It is a lot lighter than many other tables meaning it is far easier to move around. And it comes complete with a JOOLA net which is a nice addition. A gift any table tennis fanatic would go crazy for.

For a more detailed breakdown of other table tennis tables we rate, you might enjoy this write-up. 

Alternatively, If you lack the space for a table, a conversion top may be a more suitable purchase. Conversion tops fit multiple surfaces such as pool tables and dinner tables. We have a guide to help you get started if conversion tops are for you. 


12.  Butterfly Net Gauge

A net gauge helps check the height and tension of the net


The quality of table tennis nets is… varied, to say the least. Many clubs and venues have a habit of keeping nets beyond the time of which they need replacing. This is frustrating as nets can sag over time which results in a lot of net-balls that just about dribble over the net that are almost impossible to return.

A net gauge is a small instrument that quickly allows you to assess the height and tension of a net to ensure it is compliant. Super handy, and very affordable.


13.      Butterfly Yao Shirt – Red

A stylish shirt, breathable shirt for ping pong players


Playing well is one thing. But it doesn’t hurt to look the part either. This stylish red, white, and gray shirt is quite the head-turner.

Composed of lycra and cotton stretch material (95% cotton, 5% elastic), the Yao shirt mixes comfort with flexibility and durability. A great shirt for any table tennis player. 


14.  Andro Daypack Salta

A backpack suitable for everyday use made by Andro


A backpack is an excellent gift for a table tennis lover. Andro has delivered in quality and style with the Salta. The backpack features a main compartment, side pockets, and two zipped sections. It is dirt and moisture repellent. Great for everyday use and ping pong training.


15.      Ikkle Ping Pong Paddle Storage Rack


The Ikkle Ping Pong Storage Rack is a great addition to any table tennis lover’s collection. Ideal for any bar, garage, office, or wherever you situate your table tennis table. It stores up to four bats ensuring there are enough for doubles and fits plenty of balls.

It can be wall-mounted which makes for a great feature, and is available in both rustic burnt and rustic white.  


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