19 Ping Pong Gifts That Players Will Love!

I love nothing more than receiving ping pong gifts, so I thought I’d track down the best products out there. While it’s tough to pick a favorite, I think the Yasaka Mark V racket is best, that is, provided your gift recipient doesn’t already have a paddle to play with. 

In my search, I identified 19 trending ping pong gifts that caught my eye, along with some alternatives. My recommendation is to pay attention to the skill level of who you intend to buy for, as while all of these gifts are great, some only suit particular skill levels.

Without any further ado, here are the 19 best ping pong gifts available right now: 

    1. Yasaka Mark V Racket

    2. JOOLA Retractable Portable Net

    3. Ikkle Ping Pong Paddle Storage Rack

    4. ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot

    5. STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

    6. King Pong T-Shirt

    7. Butterfly Table Tennis Grip Tape

    8. Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong Mug

    9. Table Tennis Steps to Success Book

    10. Sanwei ABS 1-Star Training Balls – Pack of 100

    11. Socks n Socks Cotton Ping Pong Socks

    12. Butterfly Lezoline Unizes Shoes

    13. Butterfly Lojal Tour Case

    14. Silver Ping Pong Paddle Cufflinks

    15. Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

    16. Butterfly Edge Tape – 12 mm x 10 m

    17. Butterfly Net Gauge

    18. Butterfly Puren Shirt

    19. Table Tennis Daily Academy Coaching

1. Pre-assembled Ping Pong Paddle – Yasaka Mark V Racket

ping pong gift paddle


Not everyone understands the intricacies of finding a suitable table tennis paddle. Few outsiders realize that racket customization is a key aspect of table tennis and that a poor racket can harshly stunt your game through no fault of your ability, such as with a bad grip.

This is why choosing a suitable paddle is so critical. And, well, it’s hard. I remember the first time I chose an ITTF-approved bat. It was a little overwhelming. With such abundant rubbers and blades, it wasn’t easy to know what I should buy. This is where the Yasaka Mark V racket comes in.

This racket is completely pre-assembled – all customization has been taken care of. It’s the perfect paddle for the all-around player, and at a stretch, it’s suitable for beginners through to advanced levels of play. I cannot recommend it enough as a high-quality, inexpensive, competition-compliant paddle.

If, however, you feel that this racket is not the right gift for the table tennis player you have in mind, feel free to check out my other top-rated rackets.

2. Retractable Ping Pong Net – JOOLA Retractable Portable Net

ping pong gift retractable net


For those of us who are crazy about table tennis, waiting for the next training session is often not enough. We just need to play! It doesn’t matter where. This is why the JOOLA retractable portable net makes the list. This table tennis gift idea allows you to play table tennis on virtually any surface making it the ideal gift for ping pong lovers.

Unlike many ordinary table tennis nets which struggle to fix to irregular table thicknesses (yes, I am looking at you, clip nets), this net has an adjustable clamp that fits surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick.

It is also far more lightweight than ordinary nets, expands beyond the standard table tennis table width, and retracts for easy storage. It is the ideal gift for ping pong players as they can easily store it in their backpack for days out.


3. Ping Pong Paddle Holder – Ikkle Ping Pong Paddle Storage Rack

ping pong gift bat holder



The Ikkle ping pong storage rack is a great ping pong gift for him, ideal for any bar, garage, office, or wherever your friend situated their table tennis table. It stores up to four paddles, ensuring enough equipment space for doubles and plenty of balls.

It can be wall-mounted, which makes for a great feature, and I really admire the rustic burnt finish.

4. Ping Pong Robot – ZXMOTO Ping Pong Robot

ping pong gift robot



One of the biggest frustrations for table tennis players is not having a partner available when you want to play. This is especially common when you become skilled, as many people will not be able to match your ability. That doesn’t make for very effective training. This is why table tennis robots provide so much value.

The ZXMOTO is one of the more affordable models but still offers great versatility for training. It has 36 different spin and speed variation levels of 3-30 m/s. The head also rotates, allowing you to alternate between your backhand and forehand.

The robot stores up to 110 ping pong balls, meaning you get a sizable drill before the need to top up the basket. With all these features, it is the ideal table tennis companion. Sporting stellar reviews, I think you’ll find it to be an excellent ping-pong gift idea. If you’re after a more advanced robot instead, check out my ping-pong robot guide.


5. Ping Pong Table – STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

ping pong gift table


What ping pong-related gift guide would be complete without a ping pong table? Many tables exist, but this affordable model is a great pick for the family. What’s more, as of the time of writing, it’s on sale with 15% off, making it a super ping-pong gift idea.

The abundance of 5-star reviews speaks for itself, but here is what you need to know. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble, has a robust build, and folds away for easy storage. It is also a lot lighter than many other tables meaning it is far easier to move around. And it comes complete with a tournament-grade STIGA net, which is a nice addition. It’s a gift that any ping pong enthusiast would go crazy for.

For a more detailed breakdown of other table tennis tables I rate, you might enjoy my table tennis table buying guide. 

Alternatively, a conversion top may be a more suitable purchase if you lack the space for a table. Conversion tops fit multiple surfaces such as pool tables and dinner tables. I have a conversion top guide to help you get started if conversion tops are for you. 


6. Ping Pong Shirt – King Pong T-Shirt

ping pong gift funny shirt


There’s nothing like mixing a little comedy with table tennis, and the King Pong t-shirt embodies funny ping pong gifts. Whether you want to show your love for the game while playing or just around the house, this hilarious shirt is a great gift for table tennis lovers. The fact they gave King Kong a headband on top of his dual-wielding paddles really does make me chuckle. 


7. Ping Pong Paddle Grip Tape – Butterfly Table Tennis Grip Tape

ping pong gift grip


Finding your racket uncomfortable to hold? Or perhaps you’re losing grip from excessive sweating? Whatever the case may be, grip tape could be the solution. This Butterfly grip tape is softer than leather which enhances comfort while playing. It also soaks up sweat which helps to maintain your grip.

Grip tape adds a little flair to your paddle, especially with the widely loved Butterfly logo at the bottom.

8. Table Tennis Mug – Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong Mug

ping pong gift mug


A mug is a perfect gift for ping pong lovers. Not only is it very inexpensive, but it will get a lot of use! Again, the comedic angle works best here, in my opinion, I’m particularly fond of this Eat. Sleep. Ping Pong. mug.


9. Table Tennis Book – Table Tennis Steps to Success Book

ping pong gift book


Although table tennis can seem quite a simple sport on the outside, it’s fairly complicated — mostly due to how spinny the game is. Therefore, learning about the sport from experienced players who can give you useful advice is a good idea.

This book, written by coach Richard McAfee, covers everything from spin to footwork, and it includes photos that make it much easier to understand. With 1.5 million copies sold, it’s a terrific purchase. I think it’s one of the best gifts that you can buy for ping pong players.

10. Ping Pong Training Balls – Sanwei ABS 1-Star Training Balls – Pack of 100

ping pong gift table tennis balls



No one likes to run out of table tennis balls, and while 3-star balls are superb, they are pretty pricey. Especially if you buy them for training on top of matches, instead, you may want to invest in a good set of training balls and keep your precious 3-star balls for matches. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

A large supply of balls also opens up new training styles, such as multi-ball and service practice without a partner. These are great ways to improve your game and essential if you are serious about improving as a player.

In my experience, Sanwei ABS balls are made of plastic and have great bounce and roundness. This set is one of the top-rated available and offers the best value for money for training balls. If you’re unsure what to buy, this is perhaps the safest gift for someone who loves table tennis. 


 11. Ping Pong Socks – Socks n Socks Cotton Ping Pong Socks

ping pong gifts socks



A great inexpensive gift for table tennis lovers is a pair of ping pong socks. I have a few pairs of socks like this at home. They’re great to wear casually around the house or perhaps even at work.


12. Ping Pong Shoes – Butterfly Lezoline Unizes

ping pong gifts shoes


Footwear is a somewhat overlooked aspect of table tennis. But having suitable footwear is important if you don’t want to be sliding all over the place! The Butterfly Lezoline Unizes are stylish, lightweight indoor trainers that I really rate. They feature breathable mesh to prevent the build-up of sweat and to keep your feet dry. There are two colors to choose from: navy and black.


13. Ping Pong Paddle Case – Butterfly Lojal Tour Case


ping pong gift case



Keeping your bat protected is vital. Especially if you have forked out for a custom-built racket. It doesn’t make sense to leave an expensive bit of kit unprotected in your bag. It will excessively wear; your blade will get dents, and your rubbers will become frayed. Protect your precious paddle!

The Butterfly Lojal Tour case does the job, and just look how stylish it is! I love the blue case in particular, but perhaps one of the others tickles your fancy. Each case fits two rackets and four balls. If however, the Lojal Tour case isn’t quite your vibe, I have a write-up of my other favorite cases too.


14. Ping Pong Jewelry – Silver Ping Pong Paddle Cufflinks

ping pong gift cufflinks



Who doesn’t love a classy and subtle way to show off their love for ping pong? I sure do! These silver ping pong paddle cufflinks are the perfect accessory for nights out on the town. They may even help the wearer connect with other table tennis fanatics.  

If you’re looking for an unorthodox present for fear of somebody buying something similar, I think cufflinks are one of the best ping-pong gifts you can purchase.


15. Ping Pong Rubber Cleaner – Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

ping pong gift rubber cleaner



Table tennis rubber upkeep is key to making sure your rubbers last. After a training session, your rubbers become very dirty and need cleaning. Just think of all the dirt that balls accumulate while on the floor – all of that filth makes its way onto your bat!

Fortunately, cleaning your rubbers is a simple job. A quick spray from Butterfly’s rubber cleaner and wipe with their included sponge and you’re all done. Easy-peasy. I never go to a session without it. 


16. Ping Pong Racket Edge Tape – Butterfly Edge Tape – 12 mm x 10 m

ping pong gift edge tape


Another way to prolong the life of a paddle is by using edge tape. It also adds a nice finish. Knocking the edge of your racket against the table now and again is an inevitability. Even the pros do it. This is why virtually all players use edge tape. I recommend buying a roll for your gift recipient so that they can replace their edge tape as needed. 

I often receive edge tape as a table tennis gift at Christmas – you can never have enough. That’s why I consider it a solid gift to get a ping-pong fan.


17. Ping Pong Net Gauge – Butterfly Net Gauge

ping pong gift net gauge



The quality of table tennis nets is… varied. Many clubs and venues habitually keep nets beyond the time they need replacing. This is frustrating as nets can sag over time, resulting in many net balls that just about dribble over the net and are almost impossible to return.

A net gauge is a small instrument that quickly allows you to assess the height and tension of a net to ensure it is compliant. Super handy and very affordable.


18. Ping Pong Shirts – Butterfly Puren Shirt – Red

ping pong gift shirt



Playing well is one thing. But it doesn’t hurt to look the part, either. This stylish, minimal red shirt is the perfect classy choice for match play. If you’re unsure what style your giftee adopts when playing, I feel the Puren shirt is an excellent choice.  

Composed of 100% polyester, the Puren shirt is lightweight, breathable, and quick drying. 

To see more top-quality options, you can read this post, where I cover my favorite shirts.


19. Online Coaching Lessons – Table Tennis Daily Academy

ping pong gifts coaching


Online coaching lessons are a gift any table tennis lover will surely be grateful for. While equipment is always appreciated, it won’t necessarily correspond with improvement. However, with online coaching lessons, players are able to learn new techniques and address the weak areas of their game. Sure you won’t be winning the Pan American Games like Hugo Calderano just did, but coaching could be the boost you need to start winning more matches. 

There are many online coaching courses available, one I love in particular is by TableTennisDaily. Their Academy course is packed full of helpful content and it even features table tennis virtuoso Jan-Ove Waldner.

Closing Thoughts on Ping Pong Gifts

So there you have it, those are my top 19 ping pong gifts for ping pong players. I, for one, would love to receive most of the gear on this list, and giving one of these table tennis gifts helps let the receiver know that you are thinking about them.

If I had to choose, I think the Yasaka Mark V bat is the best gift if your intended recipient doesn’t have a very good racket. This is because a high-quality paddle is essential to improve. However, if you’re unsure if your giftee needs a new paddle, I recommend the ZXMOTO robot and the Table Tennis Steps to Success book or Spin book. These are both great gifts for beginner to intermediate players, and they will really help the receiver to enhance their skills.

Check also gifts for pickleball players!

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