The 5 Best Table Tennis Shoes

Do you really need to get a pair of specialist table tennis shoes? Can’t you just use regular trainers instead? As a beginner and intermediate player, you should be fine in regular sports shoes, but, as you level up your game you’ll find that upgrading to a pair of shoes designed with the movements in table tennis in mind could really help up your game. In this post, we’ll cover a few of the best table tennis shoes available on Amazon and cover some of the features that made ping pong footwear worth the money.

The Best Shoes For Table Tennis

Table Tennis Footwear: Buyer’s Guide

To help you choose the best table tennis footwear, we’ve written a brief guide to table tennis shoes and what you need to look for! Let’s start by looking at what makes them different from regular sports shoes.

Features of a table tennis shoe


Being lightweight is one of the top features of a pair of table tennis shoes. Playing ping pong requires very quick movements around the table and so you want a pair of shoes that aren’t too bulky and allow you to change direction fast and move around without any inhibitions. 

Thin soles

Another key feature of table tennis shoes is thin soles. Having your feet as close to the ground as possible will significantly reduce any chances of twisted ankles and other table tennis injuries resulting from agile side to side movements. 

Good support and cushioning

Table tennis shoes don’t offer much support and cushioning because it can add to the weight and slow you down. That being said they often have good support and are made using lightweight materials to keep the bulkiness down.

High-quality durable materials

Table tennis shoes are often made out of high-quality synthetic leather and sometimes you’ll find real leather. Synthetics tend to be favored over real as it’s more breathable and durable lasting a lot longer.

Breathable materials

Keeping your feet cool during the game is really handy and table tennis shoes will often be made with breathable materials that have good ventilation. The mesh they’re made with means the air circulates a lot better and stops you from sweating so much.

Other things to consider

Your skill level

As a beginner, any type of sports shoe should be fine. Your footwear isn’t going to make much difference as you’ll be focussed on mastering your strokes and basic table tennis skills. But, as you improve and start entering competitions your footwork becomes more and more important and having the right pair of table tennis shoes can be crucial to winning.

The playing surface

As we covered earlier, a big feature of table tennis shoes is their thin sole that offers great grip. But it will be only effective if you are playing indoors or on a soft surface. You shouldn’t wear them outside or on concrete and hardwood floors as that can damage the sole in no time so should be avoided at all times.  


Shoes made especially for table tennis can be quite expensive and so if you only play occasionally it might not be worth investing in a pair yet. But, as you improve and begin to play more competitively then it might be worth investing in a pair to supercharge your game.

Other sports shoes you could use

Table tennis demands a unique set of body and feet movements that aren’t very common in other sports. This is why table tennis shoes exist in the first place. For very casual games you can use any old sports shoe but try to get ones that are as low to the ground as possible. The quick movements required and stepping from side to side can mean that shoes that are higher can easier lead to a twisted ankle.

Below we’ve listed some of the other types of shoes and their features that make them not suitable for playing ping pong:

  • Running shoes don’t have enough lateral support and they can be heavy too
  • Badminton shoes are quite heavy as well but they also offer a good grip so be used at an intermediate level
  • Volleyball shoes are seriously heavy for their cushioning and so should be avoided
  • Squash shoes don’t offer much cushioning and support but you can use them at an intermediate level
  • Tennis shoes are also too heavy so should be avoided

The Top Rated Table Tennis Shoes Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered what features to look for we’ll move on to individual shoes that we recommend!

1. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones

Butterfly are one of the top brands in table tennis and the Lezoline Rifones shoes demonstrate the quality and attention to detail of the brand. Having tried a lot of shoes over the years, considering the money we think these are the best choice.

Available in three colors, these shoes feature a thin sole that offers an excellent grip on soft floors and are extremely comfortable. They’re super lightweight allowing you great movement around the table. What’s more, they’re the shoe of choice of many professional players including Timo Boll!

2. Butterfly Groovy Table Tennis Shoes

Our second choice of footwear are these Groovy table tennis shoes from Butterfly. Like the Rifones, they have have a very thin sole giving you excellent feel and grip when moving around the table during a game. The soles have shock absorbers to which means they’re very comfortable and take some strain off your joints during more extreme movements. Definitely worth a try.

3. Butterfly Trynex

The Butterfly Trynex are another good option for people looking for reliable, comfortable and lightweight table tennis shoes. Players who try them rave about them and quickly become their favorite. The sporty, slick design coupled with the high-quality materials, excellent grip and the fact that they’re extremely comfortable making them a strong contender for one of the top shoes for ping pong players all over the world.

4. LI-NING Men Table Tennis Shoes

Up next we have these shoes from Li-Ning, the national sponsor of the Chinese team. They’re made out of synthetic leather with AirMeshing to allow your feet to breathe and keep them cool during your game. The rubber sole is made with special grooves to provide skid resistance, an essential feature for high-pressure games. They also have an anti-collision toe to prevent injuries while still being very comfortable.

5. Mizuno Drive

Another option for a great table tennis shoe is the Drive from Japanse brand Mizuno. It’s a really popular option and is used by loads of professionals including Ma Long and Zhang Jike. They’re extremely comfortable with a rubber sole that provides great grip. They’re made with AirMesh materials giving them great excellent ventilation to stop your overheating allowing them to breathe. A very good option that you won’t be disappointed with.

To Conclude

We hope you found our guide to buying table tennis shoes helpful. Again, if you are a casual player or a beginner just getting into table tennis you probably don’t need to invest in a pair of these and any old sports shoe should be okay to start out. But, once you’ve developed a sufficient amount of skill and want to take your game to a professional level then we highly recommend picking up one of these awesome pairs of trainers. Any questions just get in touch.

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