Best Multi Game Tables 2020: Reviews and Guides

Game room tables are a great activity to bring the family together, but unfortunately they can be very expensive and often take up a lot of room. So much room in fact, that you’re often forced to choose whichever type you think you’re going to use the most often.

But if your intention is to buy the best game room table for your kids, you know that most kids lose interest quickly and generally don’t care too much about having the very best, most expensive table on the market. Therefore, the best option is a combo, multi-game table or a table top that allows you to easily switch between game types. Be it Air Hockey, Foosball, Table Tennis, or Pool, you can switch between game types in 5 minutes, preventing your kids from getting bored and guaranteeing hours of fun for years to come.

Multi Game Table or Conversion Top?

First off, you need to decide whether you want a multi-game table or simply a conversion table top. A multi-game table will have the features of each game built into the table, while a conversion top is generally a separately sold top that you simply place on top of the previous table top, or even a common dining room table.

If you’re looking for a Ping Pong table top for a pool table, you have a lot of options. We’ll go through each option, describe why you might prefer one option to the other, and our opinion as to the best model or type that you should buy.

Best Pool Table Conversion Tops

When you are buying a Ping Pong table conversion top for your pool table, the main characteristics that you need to focus on are the bounce quality and the difficulty in setting up. When you want to play a game of Ping Pong, you don’t want to spend 20 minutes figuring out how to secure it, and the bounce quality will determine if you feel like you’re playing on an actual Ping Pong table or simply a piece of cardboard laid over a dining room table.

One we really liked is the Martin Kilapatrick ¾” inch pool table conversion top and here’s why.


  • 3/4″ German crafted conversion top
  • 1.5″ metal rail offers added stability
  • Unique net assembly allows for use on 5′ wide pool table
  • Surface connectors keeps tops attached during the play position
  • Includes net set

Thick Playing Surface

The thickness of the table top is directly proportional to the quality of bounce. Therefore, you want to choose the conversion top with the thickest playing surface, and to no surprise, that’s the Martin Kilapatrick ¾” conversion top. At ¾”, this thickness will provide a playing ability similar to a $1,000 indoor Ping pong table. You can check other Ping Pong tables for sale and you’ll notice that the playing surface thickness correlates to price, just as conversion tops do.

The next best Table Tennis conversion top is the JOOLA 15mm conversion top. Although more expensive than the Martin Kilapatrick, it has a thinner playing surface of 5/8” inches.

Secure Fit on Full-Sized Pool Tables

If you read the reviews for the majority of the other conversion tops, you’ll notice a common complaint: the conversion top doesn’t fit securely onto the Pool table, often leaving gaps on the side because of the pool table’s width. Well, at 5’ wide, the Martin Kilapatrick was specifically designed to fit securely onto any full-sized pool table. This is one of the great features that separate the Martin Kilapatrick from other Ping Pong pool table conversion tops and it’s obvious that the manufacture built this conversion top to be the optimum choice for full-sized pool tables.

Not only that, but it also comes with a 1.5” metal rail and a specialty designed 5’ net to keep the table nice and secure during intense games. This table has everything you need to quickly switch between Pool and Table Tennis and it’s no wonder it has received so many positive reviews and is the top gift-giving choice during Christmas for Table Tennis conversion tops.

Pool Table/ Ping Pong Combo

But maybe you aren’t looking for a separately-sold conversion top and instead you want a table that is naturally made to transition between game types. Well, good news, there are a lot of options for this also. However, it should be noted that these tables are generally not full-sized, as these types of combo tables are often designed for younger children. That being said, there are still some great models available that are a joy to use.

Let’s discuss the characteristics that matter most, resulting in what we think is the best Ping Pong Pool table combo available.

Unlike conversion tops, there is a wide price range available when deciding on a combo table. While you can opt for a cheaper model specifically designed for small children, you can also choose a higher quality option built for adults who simply want to make the most out of a small space. Therefore, we’ve decided to describe the best combo table in each of a series of price ranges – under $300, under $600, and under $1,000. We feel that these prices ranges allow us to accurately assign and describe the majority of Ping Pong Pool combo tables available.

Best Multi-Game Table Under $300

For under $300, we think the Triumph Sports 48-inch 4-in-1 swivel table is your best option. This table has the ability to transition between Table Tennis, Billiards (Pool), Air Hockey, and Flip-It Football. While this table may not be full-size, it’s perfect for younger children. If you are looking for a multi-game table for adults, this is not the table for you. This is a relatively cheap combo table that is designed with children in mind.


  • Play four exciting indoor games on one table; air powered hockey, billiards, table tennis, flip it football
  • Patented swivel technology allows for quick and easy game changes
  • Patented locking system firmly holds the table top for consistent play
  • Accessories included
  • Adds excitement and hours of playing time to your game room
  • Accessories included for up to 2 people to play each game
  • Leg levelers included to adjust the table height for consistent play

However, that doesn’t mean that this is a poor quality table or that your child or won’t enjoy it. On the contrary, this is one of the best selling combination tables available. The Air Hockey version is actually air-powered, unlike some of the other models available which deceptively describe Air Hockey capabilities but forget to mention the lack of powered air.

Not only that, but it has built in leg levelers in case the ground is uneven, and a patented locking system that firmly holds the table top for consistent play. Overall, this is a good low-priced combo game table that should be purchased with the intention that a child will be using it the majority of the time.

Best Multi-Game Table Under $600

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table
86 Reviews
Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table
  • Play three great games on one table – air hockey, billiards, and table tennis
  • Rotating swivel table changes games from one to another in seconds
  • Patented central air distribution system provides even airflow throughout the table
  • Assembled table size 84” L x 44.5” W x 32” H ideal for the whole family
  • Table comes ready to play with all of the accessories to play all three games included

For under $600 dollars, quality increases dramatically but you’re still going to run into a few noticeable problems. There are multiple options available, and you can readily choose between a higher quality Ping Pong Pool table combo or a multi-game table with a few games available for you to switch between.

We’re focusing on the Ping Pong Pool table combo, because at this price point the multi-game tables that are for sale simply don’t cut it in our opinion. At this price, it’s possible that you’re trying to find a table that will be sufficient for adults as well as children, and the multi-game tables available at this price, such as the Triumph Sports USA 84” 3-in-1 Combo Table, have less than stellar reviews.

We found the best Ping Pong Pool Table under $600 dollars to be the Hathaway Maverick 7 ft. pool table with Table Tennis. This table has received great reviews with users noting how surprised they were at the quality of the table. It’s no surprise that a full-size Pool table will cost three times as much at this table, so the fact that so many people have noted the great quality definitely says something about the table and the manufacturer in general.


  • Pool Table playfield: 74.75 in. L x 36.75 in. W x 3/4 in. thick MDF with durable high quality red felt
  • Table Tennis playfield: 84 in. L x 46 in. W x 1/2 in. thick blue two-piece top with black edge trim
  • Silver laminate top rail with 1/2 in. white inlay sights and chrome-plated corner cap
  • Reinforced rubber cushions provide accurate and fast ball rebound
  • Black matte laminated side and end panels with black ABS molded corner connectors

Therefore, it is our opinion that the best conversion top is made by Maverick. Maverick specializes in these types of tables, focusing on the knowledge that customers are looking for a relatively good Ping Pong Pool table combo for the family that won’t cost thousands of dollars but will still provide a high level of play. That’s what you have here, but there are some characteristics that people have noticed to be sub-par, such as the accessories that come with the tables.

Too Light Pool Sticks, Flimsy Triangle, Low Quality Paddles and Net.

While the table itself is great, past consumers have noticed that some of the accessories that come with the table are low-quality. The Pool sticks are too light-weight, making it difficult to play to the best of your ability, and the triangle is too big, which is simply annoying. Therefore, we recommend purchasing another set of Pool cues or sticks such as the Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Stick, and another triangle such as the Viper Billiard Ball Rack.

In addition to the Pool tool cues, others have noted that the Ping Pong paddles and net are relatively low-quality as well, and some have even mentioned the net arriving ripped. There are many cheap Ping Pong nets and paddles available, but we recommend the STIGA Premium Clipper 72″ Net and Post Set and the Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis racket as great alternative replacements. Affordable, but still great quality!

Best Multi-Game Table Under $1,000

There is only one multi-game table under $1,000 dollars that stands out, and that is the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table. While there are some defects or minor annoyances that consumers have noticed, overall this is one of the best 3 in 1 game tables available.


  • Pockey Table Overall Dimensions: 80in L x 44in W x 32in H / Weight: 268 lbs
  • Playfield Dimensionsfor Billiards Table: 70in L x 34in W / Playfield Dimensions for Air Hockey Table: 74in L x 38in W with 110v motor with the airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute & manual scoring/ Playfield dimensions for trifold table tennis 84″L x 42″W
  • Exclusive GLD Latch System allows you to safely rotate table from billiards to air hockey in only seconds
  • Glossy white playing surface features colors and lines to resemble an ice hockey rink
  • Playing surface of the billiard table features Tetolon cloth, rubber bumpers and drop pockets

However, if you don’t care about playing Air Hockey, we recommend purchasing the Hathaway Maverick Ping Pong Pool table combo reviewed above as it provides an overall better playing experience for both Pool and Table Tennis than this table. The main draw to this table is the swivel capability and the fact that you can also play Air Hockey.

So what are some of the problems that people have noticed?

Pool (Billiards)

Well for starters, the Pool table surface isn’t made of the normal felt material you would expect; instead it’s Tetolon cloth, a cheaper material that many have mentioned to be sub-par. In addition, it’s difficult to level the table ultimately making it difficult to play a controlled game of Pool.

A major drawback that you should be aware of is that the table is not full-size. Others that have purchased this table and have mentioned their discontent upon witnessing the small size of the Ping Pong table. Seeing how Table Tennis, Air Hockey and Pool (Billiards) all have different size tables, it’s obvious that the manufacturers would have to choose a common size for all three game types.

Table Tennis

Speaking of the Table Tennis table, due to the ability to switch between game types, the table is split into three parts which results in a gap on both sides of the table that can affect game play.

Air Hockey

While the Air Hockey capability is one of the main aspects of this table that people enjoy, people have noticed dead spots towards the center of the table as a result of poorly drilled air-holes. If this becomes a problem, the manufacturer suggests using a small drill-bit to clear any blocked air-holes, but it’s an annoying characteristic that we feel should have been fixed long before going on sale.

Poor Quality Accessories

It seems to be a common theme among multi-game tables that the accessories that come with the table are relatively poor quality. That is, the paddles, the pucks, and the cue sticks are all relatively cheap and you would be better off buying a separately sold set along with the table.

Great Multi-Table But Has Some Difficulties.

Overall, the Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table is a great choice if you know what to expect. You shouldn’t purchase this table if you want a full-sized game table, but it’s going to be almost impossible to find a 3-in-1 multi-game table that provides all three games at max dimensions so that draw-back should be overlooked.

While some of the table’s characteristics could be improved, for under $1,000, you can’t expect a perfect table. Normally, a quality table for each game type by itself would easily surpass $1,000 dollars, so to get all three in one table, you really are getting a bargain. Again, it’s important to have reasonable expectations when considering a multi-game table, they aren’t designed with the intent of being world class, but with the intent to provide hours of fun and the ability to switch game-types in an instant, which this table does beautifully.

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