Nude Pickleball: The Latest Sporting Craze

Ever wondered what it’s like to play nude pickleball? Well, a growing set of pickleball players are wondering the same thing.

From California to Connecticut, private resorts are building pickleball courts for residents to play. And many people seem more than happy to ditch their clothes and enjoy this fun sport.

But where has all of this popularity come from? And why pickleball rather than other sports? We cover all of your pressing questions in this guide, including why it’s on the rise, where to play, and how to best enjoy nude pickleball.

Why Are People Playing Nude Pickleball?


Playing nude has experienced such widespread adoption because plain old pickleball is on the rise.

The sport has seen its player base grow on average by 11.5% from 2016 to 2021, and this upward trend is not slowing down. And with more people playing pickleball than ever before, more naturists are enjoying the game.

But what is a naturist?

A naturist is an individual who subscribes to naturism. Naturism is the use of social nudity to connect better with nature. By shedding one’s clothes, these people believe they can break social class barriers and lead a more fulfilling life.

But why have naturists taken to pickleball in particular, rather than, say tennis? After all, despite the recent growth of pickleball, tennis dwarfs it in popularity. Well, there are probably a few factors at work here.

Firstly, the average age of nudists is around 55 years old. By this age, folks experience a massive decline in sporting ability. So a highly demanding game like tennis is simply not feasible for many — they don’t have the knees for it.

On the other hand, pickleball is far less taxing on the body. It’s also primarily a doubles game, so you both have less distance to cover and you interact with more people. After all, the main point of sporting nudism is playing with others.

Playing pickleball nude makes players cooler and more comfortable because they have no sweaty clothes to contend with. Also, feeling the glaring sun on your skin and the cool breeze of the wind gives a very freeing feeling.

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What You Need to Know Before Playing Naked Pickleball

The most important fact about nude pickleball is that you can’t play it anywhere. If you do, you’ll probably close out your session in cuffs. Walking around nude is illegal, and the same rules apply to playing pickleball.

Therefore to play nude pickleball, you need to go to a location that is away from the public eye. Private nudist resorts exist for this very reason. They encourage nudism for all aspects of your stay — not just pickleball.


nude pickleball sunscreen


When it comes to equipment, you don’t even need the clothes on your back (forgive the pun). However, there are a few things nudists playing pickleball need to ensure that they have a good time.

The first is sunscreen. With no clothes to help cover your skin, you’ll have the intense sun beating down on your flesh from head to toe. As such, you’ll want to lather up your entire body and even re-apply if conditions are particularly extreme.

Despite nude pickleball being… well… nude, technically speaking, most of the time, it’s not. This is because almost all players wear shoes. If nudists could go without them, we suspect they would. But the reality is that it’s not worth the trouble. Nobody wants scorched feet and blisters. Your feet also provide nowhere near enough grip to have a proper game of pickleball.

Finally, you’ll need equipment to play the game. Many private resorts will provide paddles and balls for you, but it’s worth checking beforehand in case you need to bring your own.

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Where Are People Playing Nude Pickleball?

Nude pickleball has branched out across much of the U.S. by this stage, so there is likely a private resort that you can visit that isn’t too far from where you live.

The Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, is the most vocal venue for nude pickleball. Mike Sullivan, who is a resident at the resort and a USA pickleball ambassador, states that “Pickleball is the biggest sport here by five times.”

Please see below to locate the nearest nudist pickleball venue to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Playing Pickleball Nude Make You More Prone to Injury?

Pickleball isn’t a particularly injury-prone sport given it is not as intense as the likes of tennis. However, choosing to play naked rather than clothed certainly increases your risk of injury. Without clothes, you are more vulnerable to sunburn. You may also incur greater damage in the form of scrapes from falls.

Can I Get Arrested When Playing Pickleball Naked?

If you play pickleball out in a public area you will almost certainly get arrested. Nude pickleball is held at private resorts away from the public eye. Here you can play without the risk of getting into trouble.

Pickle On!

nude pickleball equipment

While we won’t be visiting any nudist resorts soon, there are certainly some of you reading who may be considering it. And we say, go for it! Ultimately, we play pickleball for enjoyment. And if you feel that you will have a better experience playing nude pickleball rather than clothed, you should give it a go.

Remember, you can’t play nude pickleball in public because it’s prohibited. Pick out the nearest venue from our list and see if it’s a place you would like to visit. Oh, and don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen. You will be needing it!

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