6 Best Outdoor Pool Tables in 2024

Having checked out the best outdoor pool tables available in 2024, the Imperial proved to be the best. It uses quality materials, is highly robust, and is quick to assemble. The camel Taclon cloth and anodized frame also give it a unique look, which I appreciate.

Yet I’d be lying if I said other tables didn’t impress me, too. The Santorini, in particular, is very alluring with its minimal design and multi-functional capability.

But enough talk, here are the best outdoor pool tables:

  1. Best Overall: Imperial 8’ Outdoor Pool Table
  2. Multi-Functional: Playcraft Santorini 7’ Outdoor Pool Table
  3. Space-Friendly: Berner Billiards Orlando Outdoor Bumper Pool Table
  4. Cheapest Option: Malibu Nights Outdoor Pool Table

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Outdoor Pool Tables Reviews

1. Imperial 8’ Outdoor Pool Table — Best Overall

best outdoor pool tables


  • Dimensions: 98.25” L x 54.25” W x 31.5” H
  • Materials: Aluminum, polyester, Formica, resin
  • Weight: 816 lb


  • Very sturdy
  • Includes cover
  • Minimal assembly
  • Adjustable feet
  • Balls are resistant to chipping


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy

Rating: 9.5

I believe the best outdoor pool table you can buy in 2024 is by Imperial. It’s almost full size at 98.25” in length and sports a slick and attractive design. It features anodized aluminum with a tan-colored waterproof Taclon cloth. The cushions also use standard K66 rubber. As a result, I found the rebound is similar to indoor pool tables.

As for the playfield, it measures 18 mm thick and uses 140 layers of Formica sheets with resin for an ultra-hard surface. The playfield is then subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure to ensure it is waterproof, durable, and fire-resistant.

Just know that the table is damn heavy — way heavier than I expected. Coming in at 816 lbs, you’ll need a group of friends to help assemble and move it. That being said, the only step for assembly is to attach the legs, which is very straightforward.

All accessories are included along with a cover, which I recommend you use whenever the table is not in operation. This will help ensure you get as much life out of it as possible. Furthermore, the table comes with 2 years of warranty. This isn’t particularly long, but it beats out many other waterproof pool tables.

2. Extera Outdoor Pool Table

best outdoor pool tables


  • Dimensions: 99” L x 55” W x 31.5” H
  • Materials: Aluminum, high-density fiberboard, resin, fiberglass
  • Weight: 325 lb


  • Sturdy
  • Includes cover
  • Minimal assembly
  • Adjustable feet


  • Expensive
  • Not particularly attractive
  • Heavy
  • 1-year warranty

Rating: 9.1

The Extera pool table by Playcraft is another solid outdoor option. It’s marginally bigger than the Imperial table but a hell of a lot lighter at 325 lb. Despite the weight difference, 325 lb is incredibly heavy on its own, right! Fortunately, like with the Imperial model, I found that you only need to attach the legs and are ready to play.

Besides the costly price, the appearance may be one of the biggest drawbacks to this table. Simply put, it’s pretty underwhelming, but outdoor tables tend to look worse than their indoor counterparts.

What matters more is performance, and it delivers here. The table features a composite playfield made of high-density fiberboard and resin. The manufacturer then encases this base in fiberglass for additional rigidity and to ensure that it is completely waterproof. Similarly, the electric blue Polytech cloth is waterproof, so it has no issues with rainfall. I still recommend using the PVC cover when you are not using the table, though. This ensures it will last for as long as possible.

Like the Imperial indoor outdoor pool table, it features standard K66 cushions for good rebound. However, I think the Polytech cloth is a little on the faster side. It also has half of the warranty coverage at 1 year. I hoped it would have been longer, given the expense.

3. Malibu Nights Outdoor Pool Table — Cheapest Option

best outdoor pool table


  • Dimensions: 84” L x 48” W X 31” H
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Weight: 450 lb


  • Cheapest outdoor pool table
  • Includes cover
  • Adjustable feet
  • Quick assembly


  • Not full size
  • 90-day limited warranty

Rating: 9

If you’re on a tight budget, the Malibu Nights pool table is absolutely one you should consider. It’s the cheapest model on this list and comes in at less than half of the price of the Imperial and Santorini pool tables. Of course, comparatively speaking, this does mean it falls short in a few areas. The main one is its size.

It’s 7 ft rather than 8 ft. However, with such a small difference, I find it to be of little consequence. In fact, if you’re not a regular pool player, you might not even notice the difference! I certainly didn’t at first.

I find the Malibu Nights outdoor pool table looks quite a lot like the Extera. It sports a white gloss weatherproof aluminum frame with a sharp blue UV-resistant felt. I marginally prefer the Malibu Nights design overall, though, as the entire frame is white, whereas the Extera uses black corner protectors. Not quite as slick in my opinion.

Another benefit of this pool table is the quick assembly. I was up and running much quicker than I expected. It’s just a shame Chamberlain Game Tables only supply 90 days of warranty. I feel it should be much more considering pool tables are not cheap pieces of kit.

4. Playcraft Santorini 7’ Outdoor Pool Table — Multi-Functional

best outdoor pool tables


  • Dimensions: 82” L x 46” W X 31.25” H
  • Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, slate
  • Weight: 330 lb


  • Uses a slate bed
  • Features dining top and ping pong conversion top
  • Includes matching benches
  • Includes cover
  • Adjustable feet
  • Sleek design


  • Amazon listing has inaccurate info
  • Expensive
  • 1-year warranty

Rating: 8.8

The Playcraft Santorini is a little smaller than the two top models. It measures 82” L x 46” W X 31.25” H, making it around a foot shorter in length — don’t make the mistake of believing the dimensions on the Amazon listing, as these are erroneous.

The first aspect of the Santorini that caught my eye is the sleek, minimal build. The heavy gauge aluminum rails are gray and sit on graphite legs. By contrast, the Santorini receives its color pop from the weatherproof cobalt blue cloth. So not only is the shape of the table appealing, but also the colors on show.

Made from heavy gauge aluminum, it’s a stronger pool table than it looks. And unlike the other models, it uses a classic 1-piece slate for the bed, which we commonly see for quality indoor tables. In my experience, this makes outdoor pool tables flatter and more robust.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to pick up the Santorini is its multiple uses. It comes with both a dining top and a ping pong top. This means you are essentially getting three uses in one! Furthermore, the table comes with matching benches to complete the look. So, there is no need to purchase chairs separately.

As a table tennis fanatic, I should note that the quality of the ping pong top is low as far as table tennis goes. That being said, the table is made for pool, and ping pong is simply an add-on, so it’s not a big issue to me. Just keep your expectations realistic for this slate outdoor pool table for table tennis.

5. Hathaway Alpine 8 ft Outdoor Pool Table

best outdoor pool table


  • Dimensions: 99” L x 55” W X 31” H
  • Materials: Aluminum, plastic
  • Weight: 306 lb


  • Well-priced
  • Includes cover
  • Adjustable feet
  • Quick assembly


  • Not full size
  • 1-year warranty

Rating: 8.7

In fifth place on my list is Hathaway’s Alpine outdoor pool table. Its frame is made from aluminum, and it features a deep blue UV-resistant felt. I found playing on it to be very pleasing, the balls rebounded nicely against the K55 cushions.

Its all-white frame looks very similar to the Malibu Nights table. However, the absence of horizontal bars gives it an edge aesthetically speaking. Overall, though, I prefer the Malibu Nights table as the Alpine is considerably more expensive. Of course, you do get a foot extra in length by siding with Hallaway, and the table is still well-priced considering the rest of the market. So, ultimately, there’s not much to separate the two.

6. Berner Billiards Orlando Outdoor Bumper Pool Table — Space-Friendly

best outdoor pool tables


  • Dimensions: 54” L x 39” W X 31” H
  • Materials: Engineered wood, aluminum, MDF
  • Weight: 240 lb


  • Inexpensive for an outdoor pool table
  • Lighter build makes it easier to move
  • Includes cover
  • Adjustable feet


  • Expensive
  • Plain design
  • Small playfield
  • Not for conventional pool

Rating: 8.2

If you’re looking for a more affordable outdoor pool table, the Orlando by Berner Billiards is one of the top contenders. It’s less than half the cost of the Imperial outdoor pool table, although, for transparency’s sake, it’s still far more expensive than most indoor pool tables.

The main difference between this model and the others relates to the size. The Orlando is a bumper pool table, which is much smaller and less elongated. This, of course, means it’s less fun to play on, but it does have the advantage of being lighter, which makes it easier to move if need be. I think it’s still a touch heavy to move by yourself, though, so you’ll likely need a friend to help out.

It features a weatherproof WPC cabinet and a treated MDF bed. As for the cloth, it is waterproof and a vibrant euro blue. This breathes some much-needed life into Orlando, as it has a very plain design with a large “Berner Billiards” logo, which is a bit of an eyesore.

Overall, it’s a great little weatherproof outdoor pool table. I feel it could be a good choice for families, but more serious players will likely want something a little larger.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Pool Tables

Build Quality

Outdoor pool tables are usually built to very good standards, given that they must endure more harsh conditions than indoor models. Most tables weigh around 300-800 lbs, and while the assembly is usually limited, their sheer weight means you’ll need a few people to help assemble the table.


Most all-weather pool tables use rigid aluminum for much of the frame as it is both lightweight and rust-proof. Some tables may also use stainless steel in limited quantities.

In regards to the bed, we see more diversity. A select few models use slate beds just like indoor tables do. However, most will go without. Instead, the standard is to use some kind of wooden core, be it high-density fiberboard or MDF. Manufacturers then encase it in resin or fiberglass to make it rock-solid and waterproof.

This is then fitted with a waterproof cloth that can handle wet conditions.


Exterior pool tables come in a range of sizes. Most are around 8 ft but smaller and larger options are available.

You can also get bumper pool tables such as the Orlando. It’s 4.5 ft long.


While some indoor pool tables are cheap, I cannot say the same about outdoor pool tables. Almost all models cost at least five figures.

There is also quite a significant range, so set a realistic budget and stick to it. Generally speaking, the larger the table you want, the more you’ll have to pay. For 8 ft tables or larger, you are looking at $3,000 or more.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Pool Table

best outdoor ping pong table

The first step of cleaning is to brush away any dirt or chalk on the felt. Outdoor tables are more robust than indoor models, but you should still use appropriate gear. Fortunately, almost all pool tables come with a dedicated cloth brush.

Start at one end of the table and use quick sweeping motions until you get to the other end. Avoid circular brushing as this can cause damage. You may also want to carefully vacuum areas that you are having trouble cleaning.

As for the frame, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. Also, don’t forget to wipe the balls down too, as this is a step many people forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Have a Pool Table Outdoors?

You can only leave outdoor pool tables outdoors. This is because they are specifically designed with materials to combat harsh weather. Indoor, tables, on the other hand, are not, and will warp and rot after a short period of time.

Does an Outdoor Pool Table Use Slate?

Most pool tables for outside don’t use slate. Instead, they use materials specifically designed to handle outdoor conditions. Usually, the beds are made of a composite material consisting of wood, resin, and other materials.

What Are Outdoor Pool Tables Made Of?

Outdoor pool tables commonly feature an aluminum frame and legs as aluminum is lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant.

The playfield often uses a wooden base with resin or fiberglass elements added for strength and a waterproof seal. Finally, this is topped with a waterproof cloth to ensure a smooth ball roll.

How Much Does an Outdoor Pool Table Cost?

Most of the time pool tables for outdoors are more expensive than indoor tables. They cost anywhere from around $1,500 to $5,000.

How Long Do Outdoor Pool Tables Last?

Outdoor waterproof pool tables are highly durable but they don’t tend to last as long as indoor tables which can survive for up to 25 years. You can expect yours to last anywhere from 5-20 years. This is because of the extreme weather they face including UV radiation, rainfall, and sub-zero temperatures.

Are Outdoor Pool Tables Any Good?

Outdoor pool tables are usually very high quality despite most going without slate for the bed. They are built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and will last a very long time if they are well cared for.


Outdoor pool tables are the perfect way to enjoy the sport of pool if you’re short of space in your home. Remember that you’ll likely need help assembling your table as most models are 300 lb+.

To recap, I feel that the Imperial 8’ outdoor pool table is the best outdoor pool table right now. It’s super sturdy and I admire the anodized aluminum finish. If, instead, you want to take the cheapest route, the Malibu Nights outdoor pool table is the way to go. Sure, it only has 90 days of warranty, but I’m confident it will last for many, many years.

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