The 9 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Table Tennis

Learning how to play table tennis is great fun but once you reach a certain standard it can be hard to get to the next level on your own.

Getting some table tennis lessons is a good option but, unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the money to be able to hire their own personal table tennis coach.

But, learning online can be a good alternative and a lot cheaper, if not completely free!

To save you some time, we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the best table tennis youtube channels to help you learn and improve your ping pong skills. They’re in no particular order however so.

1. Table Tennis Daily

Table Tennis Daily

Table Tennis Daily is one of the oldest and most resourceful channels we found for those learning ping pong. They started way back in 2011 and since then, this channel has added loads of detailed tutorials, guidelines and reviews of table tennis equipment and they even film themselves playing against Timo Boll!

As a result of their great content they’ve built up quite the following. At the time of publishing this post they have over 175,000 subscribers. Pretty impressive! Another thing we love is their regular posting schedule, they tend to release a new post once or twice a week.

2. Tom Lodziak

Tom Lodziak

Another channel definitely worth checking out is Tom Lodziak’s. Tom, who has been a professional table tennis player before and is now a pro coach, draws from his personal experiences in the field as well as the knowledge he’s gained from undertaking the UKCC (UK Coaching Certificate) training course. 

His YouTube channel, which has over 120,000 subscribers, offers a massively selection of videos covering everything from tactics, how-to videos for particular shots, beginner lessons and live Q&As. Check his channel by clicking below.

3. PingSkills


Up next we have PingSkills YouTube channel which is run by Melbourne based Alois Rosario a former player and now pro coach. Like the other channels we’ve recommended they have content on a wide selection of topics but having been around for 12 years they have a huge amount of videos (nearly 700 at the time of publishing).

They also feature their Ask The Coach podcast show where they cover specific questions faced by players and other topics which we definitely recommend a listen to.

4. Ben Larcombe

Ben Larcombe – Expert Table Tennis

Next we have the wonderful channel from Ben Larcombe, a UK based table tennis coach who also runs the Expert Table Tennis website. After starting way back in 2012 he’s gathered almost 15,000 subscribers.

His channel is a treasure trove of information for individuals looking to learn how to play and improve their game. It’s a little different from a lot of the other channels we’ve covered in this post though as it doesn’t really contain any how to videos. Instead it has lots of videos from experts sharing their tips and advice.

One particular series though that we recommend watching is Ben’s Expert In A Year videos. If you haven’t seen them, he took a complete beginner and training him up to become and expert in one year. They had one hour lessons 5 – 6 times a week and filmed the whole thing. A fascinating journey that’s worth a look!

5. Table Tennis University

Table Tennis University

Table Tennis University is a pretty comprehensive YouTube channel for everything related to learning table tennis. The channel, which was founded way back in 2007, has over 50k subscribers and a good amount of content to delve into.

Most, if not all, of the coaching videos are taught by Tao Li- a former professional table tennis player. In fact, he’s even won a gold medal at the Chinese National Junior Championships. He has a great teaching style and given his experience and expertise in this sport, it makes a great place to learn.

Although they’re not publishing any new tutorials there’s a lot you can learn from the videos already available. Learn how to block topspin loops, improve your forehand loop and more.

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6. MLFM Table Tennis

MLFM Table Tennis

MFLM Table Tennis is one of the late comers to YouTube sports channels. However, its popularity has grown pretty rapidly, attracting over 36,000 subscribers in less than a year. Given the high quality of their video content, it’s not surprising that one of their videos has over a million views

Their tutorials are mainly how-to’s, making it an excellent starting place for newbies and people getting to grips with the basics. You will learn different ways to serve, how to train at home and basic exercises you can do to improve your game and take you to the next level.

7. Pongfinity


Pongfinity is another YouTube channel worth checking out if you’re a budding ping pong player. Launched around three years ago by Finnish players Emil, Otto and Miikka, this channel hasn’t been around for too long but in that short time they’ve built up over 1.6 million subscribers!

They publish new videos regularly covering mainly fun and whacky trick shots and interesting ideas to play table tennis differently and inject a bit of fun into your games.

8. YangYang TT

YangYang TT

Since she started publishing videos in 2018, Yangyang, a Chinese national, has been training anyone who’s interested in becoming an expert table tennis player. She’s also been a professional player and has won numerous gold medals at competitions.

One of the things you’ll love about her channel is how she breaks down complex techniques using simple-to-understand explanations. Learn how to play forehand flick, backhand loop, backhand topspin and she also reviews different rubbers and analyses different player’s tactics and strategies.

Definitely an interesting channel to keep and eye on and may appeal to younger players.

9. EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach

Last, but not least is table tennis coach EmRatThich’s channel with over 70k subscribers. It has hundreds of videos covering loads of different topics with many how to videos, reviews of matches, best shot round ups and guides on how to choose equipment. Worth checking out to get your fix of table tennis videos.


Learning by using ping pong youtube channels is a great way to dip your toe into the sport without spending too much money. Most players will start by watching the videos of coaches they like before investing in a course or one to one lessons. It’s great as these channels have so much free content and the quality of some of them is fantastic.

Do you have any other channels that you think we should check out and add to this list? Post a comment below and we’ll take a look.

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