61 Ping Pong Jokes & Memes to Impress Your Friends

Why did the table tennis player go insane? Because he lost his grip on reality! Pretty funny, right? After looking around at all the ping pong jokes online, I was pretty surprised by how bad most of them were. That’s why I decided to make a resource of the funniest jokes I could find.

Merge your love for table tennis and comedy with these funny ping pong jokes, pick-up lines, memes, and quotes I’ve collected.

My Favorite Ping Pong Jokes

  1. What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a table tennis court?
    • Annette.
  2. What did one ping pong ball say to the other ping pong ball?
    • “See you round…”
  3. What’s a horse’s favorite sport?
    • Stable tennis.
  4. Why are fish not good at table tennis?
    • They don’t like getting close to the net.
  5. A table tennis ball walks into a restaurant. The waiter asks: “Have you been served?”
  6. A table tennis ball walks into a bar. The bartender says, “We don’t serve table tennis balls here.” The ball throws a fit, calls over his friend, and the two make a scene expecting the bartender to give in. Instead, the bartender yells at the friend, “You get out too! I don’t want a racket in here.”
  7. What do a dentist and a table tennis coach have in common?
    • They both use drills!
  8. My kids are asking for a table tennis table for Christmas this year, but I’m still undecided as it’s not an easy decision. I keep bouncing back and forth.
  9. What do you call a Jedi playing ping pong?
    • The paddlewan.
  10. My ping pong opponent wasn’t happy with how I was serving. He kept returning it.
  11. I play ping pong on every continent. It’s a lot of bouncing back and forth.
  12. Which crustacean has the best ping pong defense?
    • A lob-ster.
  13. Why do teenagers play such erratic ping pong?
    • They have so many pimples.
  14. Why do table tennis players carry an exercise notebook with them?
    • To record their ping-sights.
  15. What skill helped the table tennis player transition to becoming a cook?
    • He was skilled at serving.
  16. How did the play feel after a hard-fought win?
    • Pingstant happiness.
  17. Why did the ping pong player break up with their racket?
    • It was too controlling.
  18. Two ping pong paddles met at a bar… it was love at first strike.
  19. Why did the ping pong ball swim across the ocean?
    • It wanted to learn some new strokes!
  20. Why did the table tennis player go insane?
    • He lost his grip on reality.
  21. Why should you should never play ping pong with a pirate?
    • They always find the hook.
  22. Why is a table tennis match the coolest place to be?
    • It’s full of fans.
  23. Did you hear about the table tennis player who wore two jackets when she painted the house? The instructions on the can said: “Put on two coats.”
  24. Why is it not a good idea to play table tennis in a court?
    • You might get arrested.
  25. There were three men at a bar. One was hard of hearing. They were all sitting around having a good time when suddenly a beautiful woman walks into the bar.
    • She said “The man who brings me the biggest ping pong balls will have me as a sex slave for the day. So all the men rushed out, and the first one came back with decent-sized balls. Then the next comes in with balls even bigger.
    • Then the hard-of-hearing man comes back with huge balls with hair all over them.
    • The lady says “Those aren’t ping-pong balls! What the hell are they?”
    • The man says “Ping-pong balls!? I thought you said King Kong’s balls.”

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My Favorite Ping Pong Memes

ping pong jokes Mr Bean did somebody say Ping pong

As a British player, I love a Mr Bean-themed meme. But even those who are unfamiliar with the character can probably relate. I think we’ve all pulled a similar face at least a few times after hearing “ping pong!”

ping pong jokes Austin Powers "it's just ping pong the lowsers said"

Sore losers exist in just about every sport there is, and you’ll hear all sorts of lame excuses when you beat them. A common one is to insult the sport itself. The audacity!

ping pong jokes funny face when you're playing ping pong and you see your girl and you start trying to impress her.

Sometimes you can’t help but pull a really embarrassing face as you serve — it’s the last thing you want in front of your significant other!

I’m embarrassed to admit there are a few funny ping pong pics of myself floating around on the internet. It’s forced me to try and adopt a more neutral face whenever I serve!

winnie the pooh ping pong meme. they call it ping pong, they call it table tennis, they call it wif waf

Keen players will love this one, especially those outside of the US. We never call the sport ping pong, only table tennis. To us, “ping pong” dumbs the sport down. The name does originate from the sound the ball produces after all.

As for wiff waff (or whiff-whaff), it’s an archaic term for the sport that sounds even more ridiculous.

ping pong meme when you play against asian players it feels like you're playing against an all powerful anime player

At times, it almost feels like Asian players have the ability to play table tennis programmed into their genes. As soon as you step to the table, you know that you are out of your depth!

ping pong meme typical game of ping pong has 95% chasing the ball around the room

Praise be to barriers and ball-collection nets! They make the task of picking up table tennis balls far more manageable. If you play in a large hall without them, this ping pong ball joke probably hits close to home and you have my deepest sympathy!

spiny short pips vs inverted rubbers, man says look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

I’m glad to see an Invincible-themed table tennis meme and this is my favorite meme template!

The comical joke depicts how short pips have shifted to produce more spin. This is the only way they can compete with inverted rubbers that can do it all.

ping pong jokes looping chops

Hitting a super heavy chop is incredibly satisfying, and you almost certainly expect a push return. However, some attackers will throw caution to the wind and loop it anyway. How demoralizing!

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Funny Ping Pong Quotes

  1. I like ping pong and maybe like 3 people.
  2. It’s pong o’clock somewhere!
  3. Sorry, I can’t. My paddle needs me.
  4. Be fast. Be furious. Be ping pong serious.
  5. Chop until you drop.
  6. Smash until you crash.
  7. You just got served.

Funny Ping Pong Pick-Up Lines

  1. Are you a table tennis ball? Because you make my heart spin.
  2. Are you a table tennis player? Because I want to serve my love to you.
  3. Are you a drop shot? Because you’ve got me falling for you.
  4. Are you a skilled player? Because you’ve won my admiration.
  5. Do you play doubles? Because I want to be your partner.
  6. Are you a table tennis coach? Because I need some lessons in love.
  7. Are you a blocking specialist? Because you’ve blocked all other contenders for my love
  8. Do you hit the ball hard? Because you’re always keeping me on my toes.
  9. Are you a flick shot? Because you’ve flicked a switch in my heart.
  10. Are you a table tennis legend? Because you’re the stuff of my dreams.
  11. Are you a trick shot? Because I’m falling for you.
  12. Are you a long rally? Because I never want this game to end.
  13. Have you got a good grip? Because you hold my heart in the perfect position.
  14. Are you a table tennis junkie? Because I’m addicted to your love.
  15. Are you a table tennis fanatic? Because you’re driving me crazy.
  16. Care to knock a few balls with me?
  17. Is that a table tennis ball in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?
  18. So, what’s your favorite stroke?
  19. Do you know what else is a nice match? You and me.
  20. You’re downright smashing. Want to grab a drink?
  21. Can I be the ping to your pong?


That marks the end of all the ping pong jokes I was able to find. Hopefully, at least a few made you giggle. To me, the funniest ping pong jokes were the one about the player losing their grip on reality and the Invincible meme about spinny short pips rubbers. But hey! Comedy is subjective and some of the others may have landed better for you.

If I find any more quality ping pong puns I’ll be sure to update this list.

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