Best Table Tennis Return Board

Whether your training to beat your friends, training for the Olympics, or just do not want to suck anymore at Ping Pong than the Wally Rebounder is for you. This product will help you increase your table tennis game a great deal and allows you to practice whether you have a partner or not. Wally Rebounder is the partner that is always down to play a round.

In case you are not aware what a table tennis return board is, it is basically a board that one would hit a ping pong ball at and then the board would act as another player. Basically, the board is your opponent. There are many uses for this, but the most common is to improve your game speed, accuracy, and to become more used to high paced games.

The Wally Rebound board is different from other ping pong return boards in the sense that it is the ultimate training kit. It comes with a playing board, tripod stands, and a mounting and tilting system. The mounting and tilting system is state of the art and is patented pending. So, if another company claims to be the best table tennis return board on the market, they are lying. None of there mounting and tilting systems come anywhere close to that of the Wally Rebounder.

Features & Specifications

The surface was designed with every skill level in mind. The rubber surface was designed so that those players who are not to good with ping pong can get in and start playing right away. Other boards put a lot of top spin on the ball and this can be hard for those lower level players to get the hang of it. This allows these lower level players to learn how to work with topspin which is undoubtedly the most important skill in table tennis.

The playing board also has a lot more bounce and less spin and speed. This allows the lower level player a greater chance of being successful and actually hitting the ball.

This board is perfect for those who are looking to take their game to the next level. Whenever you feel like practicing, it is there for you. You do not have to rely on others to practice with you, because Wally will always be there ready to go.

Wally Rebounder Advanced

You might think that there are a lot of things that separate the two, however, it is all about the rubber. The rubber is the main difference in the two products and this rubber produces a much faster ball and top spin. It also creates a very low throw angle which allows for a much faster and advanced play.

This model is perfect for those who are much more serious about ping pong and are looking for a ping pong return board that will challenge them and make them a better player. This board is reserved for those players of a much higher skill set, so do not be disappointed if you find it challenging.


The Wally Rebounder is an excellent way to take your game to the next level regardless of your skill set. You will notice an improvement in your game very soon and it is well worth the small investment.