Xiom T5 Olympic Review

The XIOM T5 Olympic Ping Pong Table has a 1″ thick HDPB surface, a harder, lighter material that is less immune to moisture. Its Tourna Surface complies with International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF) Standards due to its high-grade coating method, provides a high reflection angle and good spin reflex. This professional-grade table, with official approval by the ITTF, is a 2-piece unit and comes equipped with a competition-grade net set as well.


  • Surface: 1″ (25mm) HDPB playing surface
  • Surface Coating: Tough Coat and Anti-Gloss
  • Legs: 50 x 50mm (1.4mm thickness), Powder Coat finish, Adjustable Height
  • Frame: H60mm
  • Structure: Separate Rollaway, Deep Leg
  • Bound: ITTF Standard, Support Angle – 1 per Top
  • Safety: Safety Lock – 1 each side (2 total)
  • Locking: Manual Wedge Lock – 2 each side
  • Wheels: 5″ x 8 (4 Break Wheels)
  • Weight: 123kg/271 lbs.
  • Assembly Time: approximately 30 minutes
  • ITTF Approved- Yes
  • Size: W 2.7m x L 1.52m

The XIOM T5 has several features that help distinguish it from comparably priced Ping Pong tables on the market. To see some of the other tables we like read more here on our guide to buying a table.

Patented Height Adjustment Mechanism:

Players can adjust the height of the wheel by turning the wheel or lower round part. Height adjustment screws are pre-fitted on the front legs..

Increased Play Space:

XIOM’s new design pushes the legs inside further, eliminating interference of the legs with play. This Deep Leg Spacing, now at 43cm, was 23cm before.

Scratch Free Powder Coating:

The table is scratch-resistant and shock-resistant as a result of of the powder coating, which is electronically applied over the metal parts of the table, then baked in at high temperatures.

Precision Structure:

In order to keep in accordance to ITTF specifications, standards, and bound requirements, outstanding quality control and superior engineering are required. XIOM T5 uses automated cutters/drillers and robotic welding to achieve precision and superior quality.


  • Muscle Back helps make it one of the most durable, most sturdy tables on the market
  • Easily movable with T-shaped wheel leg unit
  • One side can be flipped up to turn the table into Practice Mode
  • Tough Coat/Durability coating on table, manufactured with water and heat resistant laminating materials on flat base coat helps increase life span of table
  • Internationally patented lamination is used on the playing surface, producing high-quality bounces
  • Quick, easy assembly


  • At 271 lbs., it takes 2 people to move around and assemble
  • Expensive


With advanced engineering, design, and a superior finish applied to even the smallest areas of the table, reviews for the XIOM T5 Olympic Ping Pong Table have been extremely positive. Experienced players who have played for years and can recognize the important aspects of a table overwhelmingly agree that this table is in every way equal, if not better, than other more expensive.